Michael Douglas: 'Such a Treat' Working With Diane Keaton

The actor dishes on Diane Keaton behind the scenes of new movie "And So It Goes."
4:14 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for Michael Douglas: 'Such a Treat' Working With Diane Keaton
We had so much fun with Diane Keaton yesterday, now Michael Douglas is up. He's teaming up with her for the first time after enback with director rob Reiner for the first time since "The American president" 0 years ago. The movie is called "And so it goes" and plays a widower caring for the granddaughter he's just met. Take a look. What's going on? It's my son. He's on his way to jail. But who's that? That's my granddaughter. She probably is Guatemalan. Yes. He had sex with the maid once. Dad, this is Sara. Sara, this is your Oren. Nice to meet you. And it's great to have Michael Douglas here. What a challenge to play an absolute jerk. Comes easy, George. Comes easy. It's fun. You know, I kept looking but for some reason I take these parts, these characters kind of in the gray area where you start off with audiences don't really like them and I love the challenge of trying to seduce an audience to win them over by the end of the movie. And one of the ways you do it and saw a little bit of it there. It's a sweet movie and also a very funny movie but you say that the comedy doesn't necessarily come natural to you. Well, I love to do comedy. There's nothing I enjoy better than when I go to the movie theater and hear an audience laugh. It's hard in films because, you know, the set is supposed to be quiet on the set, don't make any noises so you say, it's funny then there's nothing. You know. And so I've progressively in my career lately have done more and more comedies and I enjoy that part of it the most. You have rob Reiner there. You worked with him so many years ago and you know each other's moves. We do. We actually -- our first movie together, 1968 we played college students -- I didn't know that. He was -- he was acknowledged up at the Lincoln center film festival and I pulled out "The New York times" review from 1968 and it said it was two of the worst performances on screen they had ever seen. I wish I would have known. We would have played a little of that. But rob and I shared -- it's a small club. His father is Carl Reiner and my father is Kirk and there's not many of us. Not many second generation guys that have made it so it's something we shared together. Diane Keaton was an absolute hoot here yesterday and she went on and on and on about you. Practically giddy about the chance of working with you and must have been great for you too. It was such a treat. People wonder why we haven't done it before. And, you know, she talks about it all the time. She's not an actress, she just exists but I've never worked with somebody who is actually more comfortable in front of the camera than not. And so we get ready for a shot and you never knew what you were going to get but she always had her iPod on. She always came in, you know, listening to something and ready. All ready and she's -- ready to do the scene and she's still, Ba, Ba, and okay, roll them and take them out and you never knew what you were going to get. She can sing. She can sing. Oh, she can sing great. No, in the movie, I say, well, I'm going to manage her and help her career. We've been talking about it. I think she's got to do one of these places here in the city. One -- That would be great. See her at the Carlisle. This movie has echoes with your own life. Your son in the movie has some addiction problem, goes to jail. Your son Cameron has had similar problems. Was that daunting or did it make you want to do the moved more. I read the script and it came up at you and you kind of have a bitt bitter bitt bittersweet smile and say, and so it goes. It didn't affect me. Rob asked if I wanted to change it. I didn't think that was necessary. But he's holding up okay. I mean, I think we're seeing some changes in these mandatory minimum drug laws. Big push for that now. For these nonviolent criminals, ten years is a long time. You know, for a nonviolent crime. It seems like it is. You're sporting a goatee here. Yeah, I'm going to do a marvel comics film "Ant man" with Paul Ruud. Cannot wait for that. Michael Douglas, thanks for coming in. "And so it goes" opens nationwide July 25th.

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{"id":24482925,"title":"Michael Douglas: 'Such a Treat' Working With Diane Keaton","duration":"4:14","description":"The actor dishes on Diane Keaton behind the scenes of new movie \"And So It Goes.\"","url":"/GMA/video/michael-douglas-treat-working-diane-keaton-24482925","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}