Michael Ian Black Relives Each Decade

The comedian shares little known stories of Klondike Bars and relives the best of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
6:29 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Michael Ian Black Relives Each Decade
With frontman -- -- four. The long lock everybody. I have a lot of friends here thanks for joining us. So so so so tell me you've got this new law Klondike. Situation go and idols -- -- -- -- -- -- the barbecue. What is better after barbecue -- and some delicious -- now this is a new kind of Klondike. The use of the old school -- day to square delicious -- This is combining Klondike contained bars into the new. Klondike candy -- are. I think that -- this perfect after the Catholic high grant -- the you -- this humid air to her delicious. That's a good -- a very -- the -- That's the fudge crunch I think wow. And so -- you're just you're just loving. Good -- -- that he's got a -- -- hit in the Klondike explosion. Scarred man. -- -- to cut it didn't help with the us well you know climbed this I didn't work with climate before and they're kind of like. A fun brands and they do a lot of stuff with comedy about the comedienne and so it just makes sense and they asked me to be -- part of it and I love ice cream and I -- can be upon him. Had -- that why not -- -- That -- -- Twitter followers to -- one point 93 million do I ran right Kyra roundup to two mellow out not -- area. I roundup that I can barely break twenty case. And and I'm Wendell about the begun their way to look at this -- Delgado left everybody following -- I think really envy them back -- not yet so you're just a master of all these different mediums I mean you you got books you've got TV shows. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can either go talk about it with that that's -- What -- How the false start for you I mean -- comedy yeah world. I started off in college doing sketch comedy. With a comedy troop called the state and then we end up with our own -- and MTV. And then. From MTV -- Comedy Central -- -- -- -- the propriety in just show -- to -- so in other words I can't keep the -- on the year but haven't. Yeah. I think they just keep getting -- -- dad's. So now it's that so now here with -- Humor right well we did these -- things with college humor and you can actually see we we we did videos about how. Klondike -- candy bar mess so we have these animated. Comedy videos and you can go to the -- page on you to concede I narrate. And you know you see how they got together. And it's -- Tulsa yeah I got together on security and probably get together you have to go to the -- -- -- didn't -- All right so -- let's talk about Netflix do you want to talk about Netflix bode well yet there's rumors I was in this movie. Called wet hot American summer which has become this kind of cult favorite. And it it's got a great -- has got like Paul run by the -- -- and Elizabeth Banks and Bradley Cooper. And the fact that fact that pat -- -- -- stars and it can mean -- at and. So -- there were some rumors about Netflix doing a kind of sequel. With the original cast as a kind of TV series -- And I have been asked not to comment on that because Scott gets. After rolled -- build up -- yeah. I've been asked not to comment on the association's I guess how -- all right all right I get a get. Listen we have this game that we want to put it let's play actively for as we know you from all those who goes I -- the we're -- when I love the decades -- -- And we're gonna name some -- And and you are going to tell us what the best. Items in that decade work got any good health life a half hour here ago. Rock and roll. Rock and -- I mean I think you. Have to go fifties -- -- -- rock and all you have to go fifties because he introduced. The world. To the -- -- below here. Equipment yeah warned that. That people didn't people's bodies stuffed -- here. And for that we're here. Across -- -- Seventies. -- is the seventies. Because this deal with so much slayer ankle slayer of Denham. But it worked -- is right but -- just keep on truck and patches. I denim vests on Dedham right moon spring should -- the -- -- There aren't gonna go -- I'm only this is a personal choice for me because this is when I grew up in the suburbs in the eighties. And he was it was a time. On leave and a time of Tariq and I totally different yeah. It was a it was a it was a -- it was a time when the suburbs were simple. And stupid as I was. And boy events ninety's obviously the ninety's you got your NK OTV. He got cheer. In -- you got to ninety degrees. Nobody was more excited but instinct that. I'm still flustered by them. Facial -- I think this is the decade for facial hair any decade. That features mustache wax as prominently as this decade. Had to get the hands down to visit I expect that and the Internet. I'm gonna go where it's. Early two thousands just because I miss the Internet dial up song so much. -- There. Thought I forgot about that was my jam. And then it would does -- -- you -- all over again like my thought -- that. In five minutes. Thanks emotional things you let's let's let's hope we get two million followers right now that Michael Ian Black let's tell you how media. Really -- -- When he goes on that's around ninety error alive after rounding error I mean that does he think that I -- -- -- million dollar unfamiliar yeah. That's about it -- but you're higher than an even got a truck or barbecue outside. Yeah nineteen point six now -- think maybe maybe he helped me.

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{"id":23987812,"title":"Michael Ian Black Relives Each Decade","duration":"6:29","description":"The comedian shares little known stories of Klondike Bars and relives the best of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-ian-black-relives-decade-23987812","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}