Lawsuit Will Reveal Details of Jackson's Final Days

The King of Pop's family is suing concert promoter AEG.
2:38 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for Lawsuit Will Reveal Details of Jackson's Final Days
Right now, michael jackson's life and death are back center stage today. Opening statements are set to start in the jackson family multibillion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit. David wright has the details for us from los angeles. Good morning, david. Reporter: Good morning, robin. This was the series of 50 concerts that never happened because the 50-year-old pop star dropped dead of acute propofol intoxication during the rehearsals. The family is trying to blame the concekoconcer pro motors. In a grim encore, his life and death will play out in court. In a case starting this morning, the most in-depth details yet of the star's death. A lot of money at stake. What his life was worth from the point that he died forward, how much could he have made? Reporter: The superstar's mother, kathryn jackson, others filed the case saying that concert promoter aeg live is responsible for his death. Climbing they forced him to complete the tour despite red flags. Who was conrad murray, the man who killed michael jackson who is in jail, who was he working for? Reporter: Aeg says conrad murray was an independent contractor, hired by michael jackson, not them. But the jackson family insists the company should have vetted him thoroughly before agrees to pay his $150,000 a month salary. The star-studded witness list is expected to include diana ross, quincy jones, prince, and jackson's exwive, lisa marie presley and debbie rowe. Prince and paris are expected to take the stand as well. That will be the most emotional, most unpredictable moment of the trial. How do you cross-examine the children? Reporter: The trial is expected to last several months. No cameras allowed in court. There's a lot more than just money. It's jackson's reputation, too. Because we're expected to learn a lot more about his erratic behavior in the final days. Thank you. It would be difficult to see the kids on the stand. Let's get the latest on what

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{"id":19064494,"title":"Lawsuit Will Reveal Details of Jackson's Final Days","duration":"2:38","description":"The King of Pop's family is suing concert promoter AEG.","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jackson-aeg-lawsuit-lawsuit-reveal-details-king-19064494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}