Jackson's Ex: 'I Think Doctors Took Advantage of Him'

In a deposition played in court, Debbie Rowe describes the King of Pop's use of medication to sleep.
4:40 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Jackson's Ex: 'I Think Doctors Took Advantage of Him'
We begin this morning with the emotional testimony in the michael jackson wrongful death suit. Debbie roe, the mother of michael's two oldest children, was giving insight to her life with michael and her struggle to keep him off drugs. Abc's abbie boudreau is covering it all for us in los angeles. Good morning to you, abbie. Reporter: Good morning, lara. Debbie roe tearfully took the witness stand wednesday, painting a picture of her ex-husband, michael jackson, as a man who lived in fear of pain. For the first time in court, lawyers play this deposition of debbie rowe how michael jackson took drugs to keep. Rowe, a nurse, told lawyers she insisted on being in the room. I wanted to make sure he woke up. Reporter: She broke down on the stand. The mother of two of jackson's children, trying to talk through her tears. She described the king of pop as being, quote, so afraid of pain because the pain was so great. Much of it, stemming back to a 1984 pepsi commercial, where jackson was severely burned. His fear of pain was incredible. And I think the doctors took advantage of him in that way. Rowe was called as a witness for the defense, concert promoter aeg, live, even though she's been rebuilding the relationship with one of the plaintiffs, her daughter, paris, after the teen's apparent suicide attempt in june. The trial has revealed new insights into the king of pop's life and what went on in the days and even years before his death. He would send her to run errands. Reporter: Jackson's children have testified in video depositions about their father. Did he come home so tired you had to help him upstairs? I wouldn't be able to, either. But no. Reporter: Earlier in the trial, attorneys played this never-before-seen video in court. Touching and intimate family moments of jackson with his children. What do you want to do in the future? Reporter: But rowe's testimony wednesday, was another glimpse after jackson and his drug use. She said his multiple doctors tried to outdo each other, competing for jackson's favor. Aeg attorney marvin putnam asked rowe if jackson's doctors treated them well. Her response, dr. Murray got in there and killed him, she said. So, I don't know. Of course, conrad murray was jackson's personal physician, that was convicted of manslaughter in the pop star's death. Debbie rowe is slated to take the stand again today later. I want to bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. What do you think will be the impact of debbie's testimony? The aeg lawyers are trying to call her to say, this propofol addiction was nothing new. Don't blame us. We can't cure michael jackson. We got him as he was. This is how we came to us, addicted to these drugs. And as a result, aeg's team is saying, how can you then hold us legally responsible for a doctor administering this drug, michael jackson overdosing, when this had been a long-term problem? That's the reason they're calling her. Do you think that's a valid point they're making? I thought this is a tough case for the jackson family because it's not about should michael jackson have died? It's not even about why did he die? It's about who is responsible for it? Meaning, did aeg have the responsibility to oversee his medical care? Were they in control of dr. Murray? Those are the sorts of questions. Because it's a legal matter, the question is, were they negligent in the way they dealt with this case? If you listen to her testimony, she says doctors were going back and forth, trying to one-up each other by prescribing jackson stronger and stronger drugs. They didn't want his business. That would lean toward aeg. That kind of cuts both ways. On the one hand, she's saying it should have been the doctors' responsibilities here. The doctors should have done more to save michael jackson. But the question still remains, who was supposed to oversee this doctor? In this case? So, unclear sort of which way that cuts. And today, more testimony. Do you think this is going to go on and on? More cross-examination. 68 days in this case. They're talking about going to the end of september. Astoni astonishing. We're going to turn to a remarkable story about love

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"In a deposition played in court, Debbie Rowe describes the King of Pop's use of medication to sleep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19966935","title":"Jackson's Ex: 'I Think Doctors Took Advantage of Him'","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jackson-civil-suit-wife-debbie-rowe-doctors-19966935"}