Michael Jackson's White Glove Bought with Public Funds?

American government investigates African dictator's use of dirty money to fund lavish spending spree
3:08 | 08/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Jackson's White Glove Bought with Public Funds?
. Michael jackson was always on the cutting edge in the world of music and fashion. And when he first wore a white glove to perform billy jean, well an fashion trend was born. Now the u.S. Government is stepping in to make sure one of his iconic gloves doesn't stay in the hands of the son of an african kidictator. Accused of using dirty money to fund hisish spending spree. . Reporter: Good morning, the u.S. Government says the son of the dictator has a collection of extravagant things he got illegally, fancy cars, a private jet, and one iconic item that many of you would recognize immediately. Michael jackson was as much the king of pop as a style icon. It is almost impossible to separate the legendary's career from that jacket, that hat, and, of course, that glove. A glove that has been in the private collection of this man since the son of equatorial guinea's president bought it at auction in 2010. There's nothing more iconic than the white rhinestone-studded glove. That's michael jackson. But he allegedly bought the glove and other michael jackson memorabilia with stolen public funds. In april 2011, u.S. Froze funds. He has a private jet and cars. And just last year, his $100 million plus mansion was seized, they found millions in goods and cars. The case was thrown out in a of 2012, but now the justice department filed a new complaint, putting the suspected illegally obtained items back in jeopardy. There's nobody who doesn't want a piece of michael jackson's glove. Whether michael's alive or whether he's not, it's just such an important symbol. His lawyers argue that the u.S. Has no grounds to seize the pop souvenirs, but the u.S. Government is ready to fight and beat it. ♪ Beat it ♪ and this is the latest action in a new initiative by the department of justice to crack down on what it calls large-scale foreign official corruption. He is musician, that might explain the fascination with $2 million worth of jackson memorabilia. They say he had annual salary of just $100,000 a year. Fancy lifestyle. You love saying southern african dictator. He's buying michael jackson's glove. You can't make it up. Doesn't make -- I don't know. It was great to see the images of michael jackson. We loved that music growing up. Thank you.

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{"id":19993423,"title":"Michael Jackson's White Glove Bought with Public Funds?","duration":"3:08","description":"American government investigates African dictator's use of dirty money to fund lavish spending spree","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jacksons-white-glove-bought-public-funds-19993423","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}