Michael Kors shares his fall fashion must-haves

The fashion designer shares the top trends for fall this year, including his favorite T-shirt and fragrance.
2:50 | 10/16/17

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Transcript for Michael Kors shares his fall fashion must-haves
He's showing us the must haves to stay stylish this season. Welcome. Happy to be here. So we went straight to an expert to get these answers so you have to help us. All right. It's simple. What kind of bag is going to really make a statement this fall? You know, this season I have to say you want to combine practicality and glamour. Come on out here, Hannah. Come on out. She's got our mercer tote. Don't be afraid of color. We all wear a lot of black so think about purple as a pop. I love a Little Rock 'N' roll glamour. It's practical. It can go with everything in your closet. It's a great piece. Can you go with any color when you say -- I love the pop of color with anything. Don't be afraid. Look how great Blake looked in her yellow. Pop of color with it. She's like a walking sunshine, though. Thank you so much. Hannah. What should you wear to keep warm but still stay stylish because sometimes the two are not -- they're mutually -- Realistically isn't your coat your calling card. Come on out here, Emma. A lot of people think they've got to wear a black coat every day but you know what, think about a classic shape. This is a reefer coat. I love the idea she's wearing the rock 'N' roll tote but in black so balance things out. You know what, wearing black pop it with blue. Wearing blue, go black. She's also got on these fabulous blue mirrored aviators. They're cute. Which, I mean, why shouldn't you be looking at blue sky as head. We'll talk about also you'll raise money and help feed people when you buy those glasses. Oh, always love a good cause with that. Thank you. Now you have a special fresh fall scent you're recommending? Yes, we do. A lot of people think they've got to wear something glamorous only on a big date night out or something like that. Sexy ruby is all about magnifying your glamour. Every day. Every night. Why not feel glamorous and sexy when you're going to the gym? You know, that's what we think so think about this fragrance sexy ruby as an everyday kind of glamour. And all day. All day. This is important. Tell us about the t-shirt you're wearing for world food day. I'm modeling. You mow how to do it. Walk the walk. Keep it open so everyone can see. Tell us about this. Well, you know, we've been very involved with stopping hunger, watch hunger stop. Today is world food day. Go to select Michael kors stores, you can get it t-shirt and take a great picture of yourself. #Watchhungerstop, we will donate 50 meals. That is amazing.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The fashion designer shares the top trends for fall this year, including his favorite T-shirt and fragrance. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50499492","title":"Michael Kors shares his fall fashion must-haves","url":"/GMA/video/michael-kors-shares-fall-fashion-haves-50499492"}