Search for Star-Crossed Teens on the Run

Parents desperately search for pair of high school freshmen believed to have run away together.
2:45 | 09/05/13

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Transcript for Search for Star-Crossed Teens on the Run
missing michigan teens on the run right now. Gone more than a week with little evidence of where they might be. Their families, as you can imagine, are distraught. And abc's linzie janis is here with more on all this. Reporter: The high school freshmen took off in the middle of the night ten days ago. This morning, their parents are desperately desperately searching for them. Two, young teens in love. And this morning, possibly in danger. 13-year-old jaden thomas and 14-year-old braxton wood. The relationship so intense, their parents say, they appear to have run away together. I never thought jaden had this in her to do this. Reporter: Braxton is believed to have taken the family ford explorer on the early hours of monday. We realized braxton was missing. Reporter: Jayden had left her mom a note in lipstick on the mirror. She said, I love you so much. Stay happy and beautiful. So, I know she loves me. Reporter: Hours before they vanished, kelly says she told her daughter the 6-month relationship had become way too serious. She said that she couldn't live without braxton. And that's when I felt that i had to, not necessarily completely pull the plug on the relationship. But try and bring my daughter back to reality. They didn't want to do anything but be together. They didn't want to hang out with friends. Their focus was each other. That's pretty innse for a 14-year-old. Reporter: The star-crossed students were due to start their freshmen year at different michigan high schools this week. And parents say they briefly broke up, possibly because of that. Braxton told us he was heartbroken. We thought they had cooled it. We thought they were not seeing each other anymore. Reporter: But it seems the intensity returned. That day that she left, i said I no longer support this relationship. Reporter: It's now been ten days with no word. The teens reportedly had just $82 between them and half a tank of gas. Police have few leads. And now, their parents are terrified the young couple could be in danger. Our worst fear is they'll approach somebody, the wrong somebody. I wish I knew what happened to them. Reporter: A modern day romeo and juliet story, their parents hope will have a happier ending. A private investigator is helping the families. It's difficult to get help from law enforcement. They can't use the amber alert system. Police confirmed that the license plate was spotted in michigan seven days ago. They didn't have much money. So, the hope is they're still in the state somewhere. Hope they'll come home soon. Lynsi, thank you. We're going to turn to the

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{"id":20162779,"title":"Search for Star-Crossed Teens on the Run","duration":"2:45","description":"Parents desperately search for pair of high school freshmen believed to have run away together.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-teens-run-search-underway-star-crossed-high-20162779","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}