Michigan Woman Goes Missing After Halloween Party

Chelsea Ellen Bruck, 22, was last seen leaving a party while dressed as Batman character Poison Ivy.
1:57 | 10/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Woman Goes Missing After Halloween Party
I don't think she's sitting there. At all at this point eight knowing she can come home and choosing not to because she's scared of there's too much hype right. I do not think at all that this is her choice. What is Chelsea brought it 22 year old from the diligent may be in Monroe County was lashing portly scene around 3 o'clock early Sunday morning. At a huge Halloween party held in his rural area of Newport. Mike Williams organizes the party outside his house every year and if they had ads feature is one of several bands. That performed that night were estimated 700 people on his fight they. This problem according ground. I've said for the most part pretty pretty friendly. Alone. A lot of mid on got. Soon have been years. Would you come on you know that's the bands the music I play. Williams has been cooperating with shares investigators hoping to find Chelsea who he says has been to some of his party's before. Parties that never ended like this with someone now missing. Yesterday investigators released this sketch of a man a witness saw heading into some parked cars with Chelsea around 3 AM when the party was still going. I do not see here there was quite a few people here and I did not happen this year I was really preoccupied with actually shutting the party down because too many people showed us. And those who little preoccupied from about twelve to about three. Today family and friends of Chelsea again searching the fields and ditches around the side of the party for any sign to where she might be or what may have happened to her. One with a may be finding the little leaves that were under Halloween costume that night. She is dressed as the poison ID character from bat man she sewed it on herself. You know she's not. She's now like great at selling cell they could easily gotten torn off inflate dot seem it was homemade smeared herself. This scene was able to come home she went by.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Chelsea Ellen Bruck, 22, was last seen leaving a party while dressed as Batman character Poison Ivy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26581850","title":"Michigan Woman Goes Missing After Halloween Party","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-woman-missing-halloween-party-26581850"}