New Medical Device May Prevent Migraines

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how the device works, what the cost will be.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for New Medical Device May Prevent Migraines
Thanks, Rebecca for that. Now good news for millions who suffer from migraines. The fda has approved the first medical device that can prevent migraine attacks. Dr. Jen Ashton with more on that. 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. I'm one of them, George. If you think about migraines as a very complex disorder that involves blood vessels and nerves, here's the device called cefaly. This targets a nerve in the brain ha did the major player in causing migraines and stimulates that serve and interrupts that signal. Meant to be worn 20 minutes every day a study found it reduced the number of migraines per month but unfortunately note the verseverity. The most common side effect was a mild headache after the treatment session. Some mild sleepiness during the session and as of yesterday when they approved the device, in Canada it was selling for $2550. We expect it to be similar but hopefully offset some of the many medications -- This could be such a boon because of so few identify side effects. Seeing more technology, hopefully fewer drugs. Something to keep an eye on. All right. Now to one family's desperate

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{"id":22872846,"title":"New Medical Device May Prevent Migraines","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how the device works, what the cost will be.","url":"/GMA/video/migraine-relief-medical-device-prevent-migraines-22872846","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}