ESPN Host Tells Story of 3 Women Facing Cancer in Novel

Mike and Stacy Greenberg discuss ESPN host's first novel, "All You Could Ask For."
4:09 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for ESPN Host Tells Story of 3 Women Facing Cancer in Novel
Our dear friend from espn, my former colleague mike greenberg with his wife stacy to talk about a labor of combined love. Mike's first novel, "all you could ask for" telling the story of three women facing breast cancer in three different ways. Welcome to you both. Great to see you both. Great to see you again. Mike, boy, this is -- was written in memory and in honor of a dear friend of you both. Heidi armitage passed away after battling breast cancer for just a few months and this is really some inspiration to draw from for your first novel. Incredible and it's really not her story. What I was moved by when she was diagnosed which was in february of 2009. Three others, my wife one of them and two others. Not just the person battling, the most important thing but then it's the support system that comes around them. That was so moving and I was so inspired by the way I saw stace and her friends around her. Raise people up collectively through their hardships. It's really not about cancer or about dying. It's about living and celebrating life. If you listen to you in the mornings and know you personally, this is a duo. You are a partnership so he wanted to take a shot after his first novel again but do it in memory of heidi, what was your reaction? I was completely honored, of course, but the book is actually written from a female perspective and I thought, you have got to be kidding. You're a guy. You can't write from a female perspect perspective. He did. I put together a three-woman focus group of which is. It. Ace was one of them. No 28-year-old woman would use the word "blouse." Whatever I got right I got right thanks to them. What was the struggle -- you come from a literary world. Yeah. You grew up in a literary world so maybe you wanted to do it, but, boy. It wasn't as easy as writing from a male perspective but at the end of the day we're all facing the same challenge, one as a parent and one a young single person. I'm a parent and was once a young single person. You had veto power, however, I understand. I know heidi was inspiration and I read an he say you wrote about her. She wanted to be sexy to the very end but you were still -- you had final say over some copy, what went in and what did not. Well, I was very specific and said no one wants to hear you talk about sexy. I won't even try to. What did you make of the three characters. There is a character who chooses not to go into treatment at all. Heidi was a fighter. I understand the character brookbank. You had a hard time personally with brook's existence but understood for the novel it was an important story to tell. You know, such an individual choice. But I did. I struggled with that and we talked about that because i said, no, no, no. That can't happen. Everyone has to fight because heidi was such a fighter but i think what it comes down to it it's the individual that matters and what you're most comfortable doing and some women to choose to do this and you have to support them whether my choice or not. Mike, you mentioned here and at the show it takes a village and what a wonderful, wonderful book. Just want to make sure we're donating 100% of the proceeds from this to the "v" foundation, so all of the money we get is going to breast cancer, so, you know, it's not a charitable endeavor. But all the proceeds will go there. That will happen in october, national breast cancer awareness month. Good to see you. You too.

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{"id":19802988,"title":"ESPN Host Tells Story of 3 Women Facing Cancer in Novel","duration":"4:09","description":"Mike and Stacy Greenberg discuss ESPN host's first novel, \"All You Could Ask For.\"","url":"/GMA/video/mike-greenberg-interview-espn-host-tells-story-women-19802988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}