Military Kids Get Surprise Father's Day Reunion With Deployed Dads

Kids whose soldier fathers have spent almost a year deployed in Afghanistan got a sweet surprise.
4:29 | 06/19/15

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Transcript for Military Kids Get Surprise Father's Day Reunion With Deployed Dads
all weekend, big thank-yous to the dads out there as we count down to father's day and this morning a special salute to dads serving overseas. Unforgettable surprise for some children who miss them so much especially this time of year and here's Michael Strahan. How is everybody doing. All: Good. Reporter: For these kids hero heroes and fathers are one in the same. Really funny. I just love to hang out with him. He's very brave. He has good jokes. I like to play with him and I love him so much. Reporter: Their dads service members deployed in Afghanistan away from their families for almost a year. Son of a retired army major myself they hold a special place in my heart. We all have something in common. My dad was in the army. For 23 years. Why is it important in your opinion for your dad to be in the military? It's important for my dad to be in the military so he can fight for our freedom and keep our country safe. I'm a father. I have four kids. And the thing I love most about being a father is talking to my kids and laughing with them and having fun with my kids. What do you love the most about your dad? Yeah, like when he cook good food and play with me a lot. He cooks good food. What kind of food? Steak. Really? A good steak? Yeah and hot dogs. Now, what are some of your dad's favorite things. He likes to spend quality time with me, sometimes we build legos together. Oh, wow. He's a Boston red sox and new England patriots fan. Oh. He likes the patriots. You know I played football for the giants. Your dad is going to make me cry. What are some of the words you would use to describe your dad. He's funny, smart. Awesome. Awesome! I love it. And for these awesome dads, a father's day surprise. Ask you to do something for your dad, we're going to write a father's day letter. What the kids don't know is that their dads have a little surprise of their own. They're standing by via Skype right here in our studio. Come over here with me, let's go. This is the studio and we got all these TV screens and -- Hey, it's dad! Who is that man? That's dad. Hi, dad. Hi. He's up there just for you. We found this guy just hanging out, Andre, look who we found hanging out. Who is that guy on the screen right there. Hi. What's up, baby. How you doing. I'm doing good. And here, wow, who is that? That's my dad. That's your dad. Richard, how are you? Good. How are you, sir? They wrote you a letter for father's day. Would you like to read it to your father. Dear dad, I love you because you do fun things with us like go to amusement parks. I also love you because you protect our country and fight for our freedom. We love you, love Jennifer and Jordan. Girl, thank you for being so good for everybody and it's so great to see you again. I love you. Dear dad, I love you because you are an army commander. I also love you because you are my dad. You do a great job. Five star at doing your job. Thanks, buddy. I love you, dad and I miss you. I love you dad. Can't wait till you get home. I love you and miss you much I hope you come back and that's it. I love you too, guys. And so on this father's day, a salute to all the soldiers fighting for our freedom. And a special group of kids ready and waiting for their dad to come home. For "Good morning America," Michael Strahan, ABC news, new York. If that doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will. And I got to tell you, seeing that young man say, you know, refer to his father as sir, like that, oh, gosh. My father was in the military as you all know, 35 years, couple Lawrence E. Roberts and I would answer the phone colonel Roberts' quarters but I know how important it is and we should remember, of course, the service members but their families, especially the children when there's like father's day and things like that. Absolutely and, robin, I know you'll understand this so deeply. But I loved how the father thanked the girls for being so brave. Yeah, I know. That warped my heart. The hands to the screen. Michael is a big old teddy bear. He gets it too. I know. He does. All right, to ginger in the

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Kids whose soldier fathers have spent almost a year deployed in Afghanistan got a sweet surprise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31884725","title":"Military Kids Get Surprise Father's Day Reunion With Deployed Dads","url":"/GMA/video/military-kids-surprise-fathers-day-reunion-deployed-dads-31884725"}