Million-Dollar Video Game Habit

Matt Haag is a real-life gaming wizard in "Call of Duty."
2:42 | 11/27/14

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Transcript for Million-Dollar Video Game Habit
When I was a kid, back in the 1800s, video games were considered at best an amusing time waster but if you're worried about giving your child video gifts as a holiday game, check out this man. He has parlayed it into a million dollar income and ABC's Matt Gutman has the story. Reporter: It's a sport like no other. Highlighted in the hit movie "The wizard" competing against each other to become king of the console. I'm just another guy that loves video games. Reporter: Meet 22-year-old Matt who said he'd speak to us while he was working. For the most part playing call of duty is the bulk of my day. Reporter: This former burger flipper joining the ranks of elite athletes earning a cool million dollars a year all for answering the call of duty. It's got to be your dream gig. Yeah, this is Volkswagen my dream gig, 100%. Reporter: That's right, a million clams a year for dominating a single computer game. The call of duty champ training 14 hours a day for the past 9 years to transform a lounge activity into a spectator sport and get this, more than 1.5 million subscribers listening to his tips on youtube and his live stream raking in 15,000 people at any given moment. So what's next for you? Nobody has really done this before so we're just making sure that we take every day step by step. Reporter: And the field is now so competitive that sponsor red bull has athletes drop in from space and scrape the sky in motorcycles through Haag's team for a high-performance training camp even at yoga. They were working on all aspects of our game and life just to make sure that we're just all-around better people when we came out of it. Reporter: It's the boilerplate of elite athletes and judging by his paycheck and fame. It's going to be exciting. Reporter: Haag is now one of them. For "Good morning America," Matt Gutman, ABC news, Los Angeles. And it's just shocking it didn't take off back when we were kids because I was really good at pong. Atari. Ha about frogger. Space invaders, frogger. Tetris. This thing is really taking off. People now pay money to watch video games being played live on the internet. My kids on youtube with why are you watching someone else play? It's important to note he's the only one. Before you make this a career -- Thanks. There's only one guy making a million bucks. Not a career option. Go to -- Just call him T.J. Dream killer. Steal the money from burger king -- I'm still hung up on the sexy

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Matt Haag is a real-life gaming wizard in \"Call of Duty.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27216807","title":"Million-Dollar Video Game Habit","url":"/GMA/video/million-dollar-video-game-habit-27216807"}