Millionaires Spend $150K to Find Love

Matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrew helps her rich, powerful clients find their match.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Millionaires Spend $150K to Find Love
So laughter from. The line and that's pretty tight -- They -- money can't buy love but it turned out for a 150000. Dollars you can buy your own personal cupid. At a big -- Mark as John just one of the successful single men and women willing to pay big to find the one. Placing their love life in the hands of this woman. -- There. Meet amber Keller her Rangers -- professional matchmaker whose clients are a who's who of the region's powerful and famous. He's been credited with matching Paula Abdul noted can't begin to -- in the Miller. We'll have some of the kids and names in Wall Street and then we have lots of movie -- down -- LA depending upon every industry yeah. We tend to have the biggest and brightest that they worry much gold diggers -- -- fast when people have big name. A lot of the reasons to be discreet come to Keller and -- give them a gold -- it's just it doesn't happen. 40% of single Americans say they go online to look for -- love but Kelleher international says. It's all about people matching people not computers. In old school approach they've turned into -- booming business. And an expensive one for Kelleher is top of the line CEO club service you'll shell out a cool six figures. A 150000. Dollars. For -- match making service I mean. And some level are you embarrassed to ask for that much. On the something embarrassing about. Putting the value to what they're paying these people got less than 250 car. You know they'll go and spent three million on -- house -- a lot of people might look at and say well this is a guy who is paying for guaranteed action. It's not let these kinds comes where they will get action on -- -- the don't pay for actions are paying for their relationship. I'm on the road about 222 and fifty days a year. There isn't a lot of time in any one place. Markets is a high powered international sports marketing -- by 9 o'clock in Sao Paulo when he's not making big money deals he's flying planes racing motorcycles and surfing. The man who has -- all except a woman to share it with. If I -- how much treatment it's not -- it and but. You know again it's from -- the most important -- your life ultimately so. You know opinion for the present level from the. So he's travel to the swanky Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco to meet amber the matchmaker in person. -- The whole. The primary things are. Family values that things -- important. It's just important because -- -- new it was over at all have a strong faith I think sharing is hugely important. That's going to be just sharing but is all -- long. Marcus tells amber his ideal life partner has strong faith and adventurous spirit and that keep refers women who -- from the Pacific islands. Now that amber knows what markets is looking for she can search Kelleher is database of singles to try to zero win on a match -- -- -- software. The computer database includes 30000. Eligible men and women. You can get really specific you can get into heights and into -- hair color eye color and. One name that immediately jumps out to us from the list football star Terrelle Owens on your watch missiles -- you kidding -- -- The guy who -- -- -- -- she says famous athletes actually have a rough time meeting the right person. They're really getting again when he stands there have been released here in the family comes -- wanting him in check. -- communities about their -- his daily you have to commit to. They're trained inherently. Amber says thousands of eager singles submit applications to be placed in her database. Every month that she's close to your right here aren't. The lucky few who -- accepted a far less than the top tier clients. But are still subject to extensive background research. One of the things that's different about us and we don't advertise it were free for anyone so we don't get them -- tight -- just have kind of like that chip on their shoulder where they think they're beautiful and different issue get -- rich guy for the women that actually. Come to us they -- really curious about. You know how does this process work I would really like to find a relationship. In her database Maria -- catches -- all right as a possible match for Marcus. Hi my name is Marianne I'm 34. And I work for nonprofit called a place called home in Los Angeles. My -- also confused why it's so hard for me to find a -- But despite -- background digging my teens find these scheme modeling sisters of Maria -- online. Amber immediately tells markets but he is on fees hello -- and still wants to keep his date with Maria -- and extending through. -- -- My name's mark if I Marcus I you hungry. But let go up but unlike a lot of states the chit chat starts flowing immediately -- Right away we noticed the body language really doesn't just pushing in closer she touches markets on the arm on the hand she is not shut. We -- hand -- his direction ten separate times in the first honeymoon. At some point gods -- the -- -- -- kidding me. Well. And it -- appear familiar -- they even have the exact scene police -- -- Me deep soul smiles as they -- block -- company. Didn't happen. -- Beneath his decision after lunch -- wants more than just gossip she wants detail whatever you -- -- very good. We -- workers decide to get the lowdown before -- to catch a flight on business how -- it. It was -- It with finite we had a lot of things in common you know she's very fully. I'm very instantaneous. The system really find you know hour of -- -- great meal in an hour of conversation with. How often you meet someone and it's just one thing after and not say that you happened comment are you looking only for those who -- very successful guns. I'm looking for that personality. Is -- And passionate. About. There -- certainly doesn't appear to be any shortage of business amber claims to have an 80% success rate including this happy couple. And here at their wedding all credit they say to amber and her team. Too soon to say what will happen with markets and Maria but while money can't buy love it can buy you -- lot more dates if it turns out they're not meant to be amber will be busy trying again. I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline in San Francisco.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrew helps her rich, powerful clients find their match.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22662589","title":"Millionaires Spend $150K to Find Love","url":"/GMA/video/millionaires-spend-150k-find-love-22662589"}