Last-minute Christmas recipes for the whole family

"The Chew" co-hosts Michel Symon and Carla Hall make quick appetizers and roasted pork shoulder for your celebration.
4:52 | 12/25/17

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Transcript for Last-minute Christmas recipes for the whole family
And we hope you're all enjoying your Christmas breakfast right now. We got a little something else. Speaking of having a good time, food, family, cooking up something delicious this morning with "The chew's" Carla hall and Michael Symon. So great to be here. Last minute recipes. First of all, how do you all celebrate Christmas with your families? My family, my mother's family -- my mom's family or my husband's family. We go to either Nashville or Michigan. Two good choices. Yeah, it's great. I thought everyone was supposed to wear a hat. We didn't get the memo. I'm in Cleveland usually for Christmas. My grandfather who actually turns 100 this year -- Wow. His birthday is December 16th so we're in Cleveland celebrating his birthday and then Christmas so I'm really looking forward to this year. Does he like this? No. This will be gone by the real Christmas day. So give us some last minute recipes here. I think if you have puff pastry in your freezer, you'll always have something last minute. We're going to make a pin wheel, and Lara, you're going to help me. We have cream cheese here. Some fresh thyme, a little bit of clove and butter. That gets mixed all in. Then we get this. Here's our puff pastry. Take half of that. Half of this. Half of this. Lara, it's like crafting. I can do that. You spread it and then take some kind of ham. You're going to put this down like this. This can be deli ham? Deli ham, any kind of cheese. Roll this up. This would be great actually with Swiss cheese as well. Yes. Then we slice this like this. I'm very busy still -- Carla's done and Lara's still going. Then we cook this for 15 to 20 minutes at 400 degrees and this is what we have. Then we finish it, we take a little bit of honey. Oh. It's all about the finish. Take a little bit of Orange zest, boom, boom, boom, olives and look. You have the sweet, the salty, very simple. Everything there, I love it. That's to start but we're going to get to the main course. Michael, you need you for this. Say you have a lot of people coming over but you have a small oven. This is a very good thing. So what you do is take something and be able to make an entire dish in one pan. We're going to roast a pork butt and we're going to finish the vegetables in the pan with it and make a gravy in that same pan. It's a one-pan wonder. Perfect. I'm going to give you the salt and you just let it go. Just be aggressive, stray. Be aggressive. Treat that pork butt like a corner back. That's good. This is a huge piece of meat. ??? Be aggressive, be, be aggressive ??? This is a large piece of meat. You can be aggressive with the salt. This is already seasoned. We put this in an oven for two hours at 400. I take about 15 garlic cloves, a mess of redskined potatoes. Throw them in. Carrots, throw them in, onion chopped up, throw it in. A little bit of salt and pepper and it goes back in the oven for about another three hours. There you go. Cook your pork butt so it's 195 internal temperature. That's the key. That's when it really falls apart. Then you take the drippings. George, pour in that flour. George is making a roux like the master that he is. Whisk in a little bit of stock. You can add your favorite bourbon if you wanted to jazz it up or white wine. Then you let this simmer and you have a beautiful gravy which is right down here. Really easy and really good. So we have our roasted pork. We have our vegetables, we have our gravy. What I like to do is you also keep some buns for leftovers. You can make sliders. You get this beautiful roast. Carla and Michael, you know how to do it. When we go to commercial break we're going to eat. You can see "The chew" at 1:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"\"The Chew\" co-hosts Michel Symon and Carla Hall make quick appetizers and roasted pork shoulder for your celebration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51984349","title":"Last-minute Christmas recipes for the whole family","url":"/GMA/video/minute-christmas-recipes-family-51984349"}