Last-minute Christmas shopping tips

Becky Worley shares creative ideas for last-minute gifts and how to make sure your gift arrives on time.
2:56 | 12/21/17

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Transcript for Last-minute Christmas shopping tips
It is crunch time in case you hadn't noticed for shopping. We are four days away from Christmas. You don't have to panic. There are still great gifts you could get in time to put under the tree. Becky Worley has very creative solutions that I think a lot of people might be listening closely to this morning. Good morning, Amy. Yes, good news, it's easier than ever to last-minute shop be it same day shipping, app-based gift certificates or giving experiences. A little thoughtfulness and a heavy dose of technology can save the day. Can't face last-minute shopping. Step away from the mall and pick up your phone. Let's start with digital gift cards. A teen who lives on ZARA or H&M app, use it to send them a gift certificate and you can stipulate when it is sent to their phone. There is a new more personalized version of the gift card. Retailers like target and Macy's are offering a feature called gift now. The recipient will get it in an e-mail and say this shopper sent you this gift. Would you like to have it sent to your home or would you like to exchange it for store credit? Reporter: Sometimes they just want cash. Lots of options like PayPal or venmo or text it with Google pay. If you have to have it shipped there are last-minute options. A lot are offering expedited shipping. It varies by retailer. Reporter: The clock is ticking. Two-day express shipping ends tomorrow at noon eastern time and 9:00 A.M. On the west coast. For you Amazon prime members, the cutoff for that is tomorrow and if you aren't a prime member but have a lot of shopping left, hey, how about that 30-day free trial of prime but make a note on your calendar to cancel it in early January or you'll pay the $99 annual fee. Now, let's talk experiences. A new survey says 40% of shoppers plan to give experiences as gifts. We're talking dinners, wine tastings, concert ticket, spa certificate, music lessons, I can go on and on but an experience, Amy, is a gift that keeps on giving. I'm ray big fan of the experience gift, also maybe I'm a big fan of procrastinating. I'm in luck I noticed yesterday in some last-minute shopping there are deep discounts going on. There are discounts happening. They're talking about early after-christmas day sales, but it's hard to see that combining with expedited shipping to actually be a deal. Now, in physical stores totally different story, the price slashing may start big time in the mall and especially in toy stores this weekend, hint, hint. All right. I got a few more gifts to get. Thank you, Becky. I have to hit the stores.

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{"id":51929436,"title":"Last-minute Christmas shopping tips","duration":"2:56","description":"Becky Worley shares creative ideas for last-minute gifts and how to make sure your gift arrives on time.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-christmas-shopping-tips-51929436","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}