Miracle Adoption Transforms Chinese Orphanage

After adopting daughter Maya, Jenny and Richard Bowen created "Half the Sky" to reform orphanages.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Miracle Adoption Transforms Chinese Orphanage
Ginger thanks so much. To the incredible story of a woman who adopted a little baby girl and ended up performing an entire orphanage system. One mom proving you really can change the world. ABC's bianna golodryga has her uplifting story. ? Reporter: Take a look at these happy little faces. They're all orphans in China and they were all given another chance of life and happiness by this woman. If you meet me I'm like this totally ordinary person. Reporter: Yet jenny Bowen is anything but ordinary. She details her amazing journey in her new book "Wish you happy forever." You talk about having this epiphany mid-life. Can you explain that. I was a screenwriter and independent filmmaker. We had a very comfortable life. One morning we saw an article in "The New York times" and I learned for the first time about Chinese orphanages. Reporter: In 1997 a year after Reading that article, jenny and her husband Richard traveled more than 7,000 miles to adopt a 2-year-old they named Maia. Hey, Maia. Your first night with us. Reporter: They soon realized something was very wrong with their little girl. She was in rough shape and emotionally just vacant. Reporter: But becoming part of a loving family changed everything for Maia. A year later I looked out my kitchen window and there was Maia romping around in the garden just looking Normal, happy and -- Reporter: You felt what. I said why can't we do that for all the kids we can't bring home. Reporter: She decided to devote herself to reforming China's orphanages and created her own nonprofit half the sky. Give our viewers a description of what you saw. The first time I walked into an orphanage, the hardest were the babies much they were tied to the rails. I thought, what am I doing? What am I going to do. Reporter: What started with pilot programs grew into more than 50 children centers and orphanages all over China where they're cuddled, educated and loved. Hi, Anya. Reporter: Along the way the Bowens would adopt a second daughter they named aunia. Today Maia and aunia are typical all-american teenagers. What do you want readers to take from this book? That I'm just like a living testament to the fact if there's something you would like to see different you have a power to make a difference. Everybody does. Reporter: For "Good morning America," bianna golodryga, ABC news, New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"After adopting daughter Maya, Jenny and Richard Bowen created \"Half the Sky\" to reform orphanages. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23002332","title":"Miracle Adoption Transforms Chinese Orphanage","url":"/GMA/video/miracle-adoption-transforms-chinese-orphanage-23002332"}