Miss Idaho's Insulin Pump Sparks New Hashtag

Sierra Sandison received a wave of support for wearing her insulin pump during the swimsuit competition.
3:17 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for Miss Idaho's Insulin Pump Sparks New Hashtag
Now to an inspiring young woman getting so much media buzz right now. This is Sierra Sanderson, on stage at the miss Idaho, swim suit competition portion. She looks fantastic, but the real attention-getter is the insulin pump she is wearing for her type I diabetics. This inspired others with the condition. We got a chance to speak with her about what the experience has meant to her. The feedback I've gotten from you guys on social media has been helping me build my confidence. Not just me saying I wear my pump, you can wear yours. Wearing the pump and getting the feedback shows me that you agree that you can be beautiful with an insulin pump. That's given me the confidence. Thank you so much. She was inspired in 1999, miss America had an insulin pump, why not? She was worried because she had some friends in the audience, and others thought is that a cell phone? She wanted people to know it was not a cell phone. She put the hashtag show me your pump. And people were tweeting pictures of theirs. On her way. She is. And super model Heidi Klum sparking a debate about high heels. They were not hers, but on her 10-year-old daughter. They were seen in New York City. A lot of people couldn't help but notice that the black heels on her older daughter were quite high. Drawing lots of comments from parents online. One blogger suggested that allowing young girls to wear shoes like that, growing up too fast, she has not responded. This is a perennial debate. It's a tough question, how to let them go out, wear. They walk around in the heels at home. In my heels, as I'm yelling at them. But although the shoe store, there are so many really high wedge heels. No, no, no, but they are begging me for them. The products are out there for the girls. Of course, they'd like to. It's our job as moms to safe them. They want to, they want to grow up fast. It's tough. You -- I fessed up. That's true. You did Fess up to that. No, I'm not. She's tall anyway. No on that and no on earrings. Earrings? Until seventh grade. Just the way my mom did it. I couldn't get pierceds ears college. I remember going to the mall, getting that done. That's an eye-opener. And burning up the heat index today, prince George walking on his own two feet getting ready to turn 1 tomorrow. Celebrating the b-day with a brand new photo. And here side by side with his dad, prince William, when he was 18 months old. The resemblance and remarkable. Just adorable. Striking. And just a year ago, we were at the hospital. I do remember that. Volunteering to go back. There will be another one soon, right? And also this morning in the

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Sierra Sandison received a wave of support for wearing her insulin pump during the swimsuit competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24645906","title":"Miss Idaho's Insulin Pump Sparks New Hashtag","url":"/GMA/video/miss-idaho-sierra-sandisons-insulin-pump-sparks-hashtag-24645906"}