Missing Malaysian Plane Investigation Zeros in on Pilots

The captain's flight simulator has been seized from his home and is being examined for clues.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Transcript for Missing Malaysian Plane Investigation Zeros in on Pilots
Let's get more on the pilots. They're the focus of the investigators. Bob woodruff has more. Reporter: This is the prayer wall at the Kuala Lumpur airport. Nine days ago today that flight 370 took off from here. That mystery continues to unfold. The investigation is intensifying. This morning, video, posted many times of youtube, but yet to be authenticated, appeared though show the pilot going through airport security. The Malaysian authorities are refocusing the investigations on all passengers and crew on board. Reporter: Over in the weekend, investigators combed through za harry Ahmad shah's home. Seen here in this youtube video. I asked a close friend of the pilot, he said he was a tech geek who liked to fly. To be able to set up his own simulator. Buy things off the counter. Something he's proud of. Reporter: In terms of politics, he's a member of the opposition party in Malaysia, whose party leader was jailed the very same day of the flight. March 7th. Chong says despite the t-shirt here, declaring democracy is dead, the pilot is not an extremist. Chris Nissan has known him for years and says there's no way he was involved. I can't man him doing anything to hurt himself, the passenger, the property. It hurts when people would suggest something like that. Reporter: Investigators are looking into the copilot, 27-year-old fariq ab Hamid. According to channel 9 Australia's "A current affair" invited these women into the cockpit back in 2011. Taking pictures and smoking with them, allegedly, in the flight. The family of Philip wood are not giving up faith. We're raised to have a deep Christian faith. We're relying on that heavily right now. Reporter: Back at the airport on this wall, more may prayers and hopes and words. Some of them are hand-made. Others by people that come in and sign. This one is for the copilot, fariq. All of these hopes and prayers are for every person on that plane. George? Steve ganyard joins us. First all, we know it was the copilot who spoke the last words. What does that tell us? The timeline has been muddied a bit about when the actions were taken in the cockpit. All the facts, the premeditated actions. The change in course. The cars, turning off the transponder, they all stand. It's interesting that the copilot did this. We're trying to to figure out who is the more likely suspect here if it is the crew members. They'll look at the voices. Stress in his voice. Did somebody have a gun at his head? Was he being told to do something? Lots of clues. We're still not there yet. You add to that, the officials are saying that the two pilots did not request to fly together. Right. So you can't say they were conspirators. Finding a link between them has been fruitless so far. A flight simulator has a computer hard drive on it. You could do computer forensics and look at the pilot -- perhaps he preprogrammed some of the routes into the simulator. Maybe he had test-flown a route, if he's involved. And on the search now, it appears that the Malaysians have been catching up to what we have been thinking. The focus is on the south. Not that northern land route. Yeah, so, now that -- as our sources have been telling us for days, we'll shift to the south. The Australians are now responsible for that part of the search. I think that we need to be careful here, George. We're getting into the part of the mishap investigation where the facts, I think, are going to kind of continue to come to a halt if not just to a trickle. So the facts, the science, we're not going to get too much more out of the satellites. They're going to have to do some on the ground forensics. We have to be careful not to do too much speculation. Thank you, Steve. A good point. So much frustration right now. Now to the latest on the severe weather slamming parts of

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{"id":22938296,"title":"Missing Malaysian Plane Investigation Zeros in on Pilots","duration":"3:00","description":"The captain's flight simulator has been seized from his home and is being examined for clues.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-malaysian-plane-investigation-zeros-pilots-22938296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}