Missing N.H. Student Could Be Victim of a Love Triangle

19-year-old ex-girlfriend of man charged with murder may be withholding evidence from police.
2:34 | 12/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing N.H. Student Could Be Victim of a Love Triangle
The love triangle that may have ended in murder a teenage girl spending the holiday in jail after being charged in connection with the death of a nineteen year old college student. At the center of the story an older man who may have been romantically involved with both girls ABC's John Mueller has more on this twisted tale John good morning. Good morning -- court records are sealed but news outlets in New England have reported that this murder may be tied to a sex act gone horribly wrong. One thing's for sure nineteen year old student is missing a man charged with her murder and now was nineteen year old ex girlfriend arrested for lying to police. She's never been in trouble with the law before but nineteen year old -- -- spend Christmas behind bars she is charged with lying to authorities investigating the murder of University of New Hampshire student Lindsey Marriott back in October. The nineteen year old biology majors disappearance sparked a massive search effort and send chills through the UNH campus set ms. Daly an actor and martial arts instructor is charged with second degree murder for allegedly killing Marriott in his Dover apartment -- bodies never been found despite exhaustive searching the waters around Portsmouth. Authorities blame McDonough the girlfriend of ms. -- at the time for lying to them about that critical search window. She gave me a statement to investigators investigating the scenario its disappearance and give a false alibi has earned -- -- his whereabouts. On the being questioned which was October ninth. And also give false alibi as to their interactions -- -- -- on that night. -- his mother left the jail without her daughter Wednesday refusing to comment I'm gonna decline any kind of time I definitely. Have my -- can talk to him. They've done a new -- Marriott from working with -- at a target store. The court records detailing the murder case against her ex boyfriend had been sealed McDonough -- attorney successfully argued to have the nineteen year -- bail reduced remind in the court she's not the one charged with murder her ex boyfriend this. He's out he's not. But it back -- -- eagle -- there has been. -- it was never seen again after leaving the university campus in Durham New Hampshire to visit friends six miles away in Dover. She never showed up for her job at target or classes her car was found at a campus parking lot but the whereabouts of her body. Still a mystery although police are confident she was dumped in a river in Portsmouth authorities say McDonough may have information that could lead them to the body. Now the judge set bail for Madonna at 35000. Dollars she has been ordered to have no contact with her ex boyfriend or his parents authorities in Maine and Massachusetts -- -- watch their shorelines. In case -- its body washes up.

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{"id":18073484,"title":"Missing N.H. Student Could Be Victim of a Love Triangle","duration":"2:34","description":"19-year-old ex-girlfriend of man charged with murder may be withholding evidence from police.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-nh-student-victim-love-triangle-18073484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}