Missouri Governor claims no blackmail in extramarital affair

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said "no blackmail" and "no threat of violence" by him in what he described as a months-long "consensual relationship" with his former hairdresser.
2:10 | 01/21/18

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Transcript for Missouri Governor claims no blackmail in extramarital affair
We want to move to the governor of Missouri fighting back after explosive allegations from an extra marital affair. The governor giving his first interview. He's denying harsh claims against him as a criminal investigation is launched. Erielle reshef is here with more. Eric greitens in the middle of a sex scandal. Reporter: Embattled Missouri governor Eric guy tense in his first interview. This was a consensual relationship. Reporter: Now confronting bol shell allegations. There was no violence. This was all consensual. Reporter: In a 2015 recording the woman said during that encounter in his home greitens bound her hands and blind folded and warned her to remain silent. There was no violence. There was no blackmail. Reporter: Greitens denying anyone associated with him paid the woman not to talk. Those things are absolutely false. It's important to note we've not heard from the woman that was involved in the affair. We're hearing from her ex-husband. We need to hear from this woman. She knows what happened in a that basement when he alleged taped her. Reporter: The controversy a stain for the former Navy S.E.A.L. A rising star in the Republican party. Most importantly I'm a very proud husband and father. Reporter: Despite calls from some to resign the country's second youngest governor defiant saying I'm staying. The St. Louis circuit attorney launched a criminal investigation. Greitens maintains he's done about nothing illegal. Asked about his relationship with his wife he said we're strong. He said he called all the Missouri law maker toss apologize. Let's check the rest of the headlines with Dr. Ron

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said \"no blackmail\" and \"no threat of violence\" by him in what he described as a months-long \"consensual relationship\" with his former hairdresser.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52499720","title":"Missouri Governor claims no blackmail in extramarital affair","url":"/GMA/video/missouri-governor-claims-blackmail-extramarital-affair-52499720"}