MKTO Performs 'American Dream' Live on 'GMA'

The platinum-selling duo plays the hit from the self-titled debut album.
4:38 | 07/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MKTO Performs 'American Dream' Live on 'GMA'
It's great to have platinum-selling duo, mkto here this morning. "Classic" the longest running single on the top 40 charts right now. Great to have you with us. On the eve of the fourth, it's perfect. Your song is sort of about patriotism and American dreams. Yes. What's it like to be at the top of the charts? It's about doing something you love. And to see the appreciation is humbling and amazing to us. Any pressure to keep it up? You have had it on the top of the charts for so long now. What comes next? I mean, just doing what we love to do, man. This tour is kicking off right now. It's amazing, the mkto tour is going on right now. Get tickets. You're with demi Lovato, a big fan of the show. We had her not long ago. And your first time headlining a U.S. Tour with her, right? It's amazing. We should get right to it, huh? How about this? The new single off their debut album, in stores now, called -- "American dream." Yeah. ? We broke down trying to leave town ? ? flying down the road to change we were born to run ? ? cali, here we come escaping from nowhere, usa ? ? say good-bye to white picket fences ? ? say hello to palm free and benzes ? ? they say you got to fall to have it all ? ? yeah ? ? we don't want two kids and a wife ? ? I don't want a job I just want a life ? ? sometimes the underdogs rise ? ? and the nighty fall ? ? this ain't the same summer song that you used to know ? ? 'cause jack left Diane 30 years ago ? ? the world is spinning too fast for you and me ? ? so, tell me what happened to the American dream ? ? I know a girl I met her last night ? ? she was fresh off the plane ? ? she whispered in my ear baby, come here ? ? I'll do anything to make a name ? ? honey take my hand and follow me 'cause I don't wanna hurt you but he does ? ? I just wanna give you some real advice ? ? listen, baby ? ? look, never take candy from a

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{"id":24410141,"title":"MKTO Performs 'American Dream' Live on 'GMA'","duration":"4:38","description":"The platinum-selling duo plays the hit from the self-titled debut album.","url":"/GMA/video/mkto-performs-american-dream-live-gma-24410141","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}