MLB Details Extended Instant Reply Plans

Could new rules adversely alter America's favorite pastime?
2:29 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for MLB Details Extended Instant Reply Plans
In the baseball's big plans -- dramatically expanded instant replay next season the goal to get more calls right. But fans aren't sure it's the right call. Maybe -- Susan Solomon has been talking to some of them and joins us from Baltimore good morning Susan. Good morning every -- that's right you know home run calls have been reviewed by instant replay for years now. But nothing beyond that which is why this proposal could really change the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This morning Major League Baseball officials are throwing a curveball at America's past time -- -- again. The celebration of victory for over 100 years players around in the diamond had been either sink. Or out as the umpire calls it. But a new -- was likely coming to the old -- -- own huge challenge to be decided with the help -- instant replay. That's right. Houston replay for a -- steeped in tradition. A modern proposition ditches storm yeah new version of the professional hockey and football have done it for years to worst calls that I can remember but some fans are crying foul worried that replays -- -- threat to one of the sport's most cherished traditions verbal abuse leveled -- officials. By disgruntled coaches and fans. The umpire have to make the call he -- the as -- drama and news. And the umpires are very very receptive to this they have. Spent enough time being abused to being the -- of bad comments others can't wait to see replays. Given embarrassing missed calls in recent seasons. Baseball officials said the replays will take about a minute and fifteen seconds. And each managers limited to only three. Per game you'll be. Quicker and I'll get the calls right whatever mostly completely wrong. James OK -- what you think about is coming -- -- sloppy play. These are clearly this is -- we -- really all the other sports and I'm okay I'm gonna look it. Now owners players association and umpires have to approve this proposal. But insiders say that -- that call will be an easy yes but that's -- -- fourteen season. I had no idea people love to hate the -- -- Australia and that the fact that if people want to keep the drama yet read what more yelling on the field. Decided the time all right Susan thank.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Could new rules adversely alter America's favorite pastime?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19989306","title":"MLB Details Extended Instant Reply Plans","url":"/GMA/video/mlb-details-extended-instant-reply-plans-19989306"}