New Modeling Agency Pledges to Feature 'Real Women'

JAG founders Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka plan to feature women from size 2 to 12.
3:02 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for New Modeling Agency Pledges to Feature 'Real Women'
a new modelling injury is shaking up the model world with a pledge to use models of all shapes and sizes. Here's abc's juju chang. Reporter: The average woman is size 4. Today, the models are size zero. There's a new modeling agency. Size eight is not plus size. Beauty is beauty. These are the new faces of fashion. Beautiful, playful, sultry. It's so beautiful. Reporter: And at 5'10", size 12 to 14, jennie is the wildly popular swimsuit model. Do I need to be sucking it in? Reporter: Don't label her a plus-size model. It's too constricting. I don't think of myself as skinny or fat at all. I just think of myself as me. And it's just the way I'm at and who I am. Reporter: That's why runk says she no longer weighs herself. And she's signed with jag, the hot modeling agency for real women, size 6 to 8. And while consumers seem to be responding. The reaction isn't always positive. There is this trend towards larger figures. Kate upton is the perfect example of somebody who has a lot of curves and is dealing with some of that negativity and backlash of being a woman with curves. It seems to be getting more and more positive and less of a negative. Ultimately, it should be an acceptance of every body because nobody looks the same at all. I think it represents everyone. Reporter: Former miss teen usa, tammy crawford is 1 of the 30 models represented by jag. Whatever is natural for you is what you should be. Reporter: The agency's founders agree. How has the response been? It's incredible. It's overwhelming. Reporter: The new mission, to break barriers. Reporter: Why are we so behind the times when it comes to accepting people who are bigger? I'm not going to blame the media. Let's talk about the family. Talk about teaching kids how to love themselves. One of the models we spoke TO, McKENZIE, SHE SPENT MORE Time I germany or france. Where obesity rates are lower than here in the u.S. And jag co-founders say european fashion tastes tend to be curvier in the u.S. Maybe they get frustrated. So, you keep eating. We need to buy products from these women, right? And this agency is legit. These two came from the ford agency. This is the real deal. They're hot. They're looking off the wall. Thanks, juju. Nice story. I feel really -- finally, in the "gma heat index," a solution to women who

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{"id":20021741,"title":"New Modeling Agency Pledges to Feature 'Real Women'","duration":"3:02","description":"JAG founders Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka plan to feature women from size 2 to 12.","url":"/GMA/video/modeling-agency-jag-pledges-feature-real-women-20021741","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}