'Modern Family's' Star Reveals Sofia Vergara's 'Motherly Advice'

Rico Rodriguez chats about his new memoir, "Reel Life Lessons -- So Far."
3:44 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for 'Modern Family's' Star Reveals Sofia Vergara's 'Motherly Advice'
question. Memoir, 14? Yes. I know it sounds crazy. I learned so much in my 14 years of life. I want people to know what my life was before in california. One of the things you confess. You're saying, there's no shame in being a self-confessed momma's boy. It's true. I'm not afraid to admit it. Why not? I mean, I love my mom. I really do. We're seeing your family there. You grew up in texas. College station. You're a big aggies fan. Yes. And you didn't really know you wanted to be an actor. That was your sister's dream at first. My sister, who is on a disney show right now. She wanted to start acting first herself. And I was very shy when I was younger. Not anymore. Not anymore. But whenever we moved to california, after a year of being there, i, like, you know what? After seeing what she loved to do, I wanted to do that, too. I told my mom and dad. Mom, dad, I want to do this, too. And they were kind of shocked, me, being the really shy one. Oh, my gosh. Okay. Let's do it. Let's get on this. And I stuck to it. I did acting classes. That's where I really broke out of my shell then. And now -- now, we can't get you back in your shell. Exactly. The rest is history. It's paying off. You're doing so great on "modern family." We're going to do a sneak peek of something from next week. Take a look. Manny, it's beautiful outside. Go on and enjoy your green thing. You don't have to win a medal. Just have fun. Doug finishes with the most medals no matter what. I think he invites me because of my skin color. Sports isn't your thing. But you've got to step out of your comfort zone some time. And for god sake, change out of those wing tips. You're a kid. You're not nixon on the beach. All right. I'll put on my sporty shoes. Where are they? They're still in the box. And don't forget to take out the paper before you put them on, okay? They're called sneakers. I love that. Sporty shoes. Sporty shoes. Manny likes smoking jackets. Likes espresso. Yes. Quotes shakespeare. Are you anything like manny? Some things I am. I love my mom. We love our moms. And we're passionate about life. Everyone on-set, who is closest to their character in real life? And who is farthest away? I would probably have to say ty is close to his character. Yeah. He's so much fun on set. He's a big kid. I love it. And maybe eric who is farthest from his character. You know, but they're all so great. They're so funny in their own ways. We love watching you guys. We're also going to learn, you have a lot of backups. You're going to direct a movie. And magician at well? Yes. Ridiculous rico. That's my stage name. This trick is called the three little balls. And the three little cups. There you go. You do it like that. Place the first one on top. Snap. It will fall right through. As you can see. It's solid. Now, we're going to do this. Stack two. And they both come down. It's still very solid. Now, I want to do is put this in my pocket. Now, what I want you to do, george, is wave your hand over it. Magic hand wave. And the three pops down. And there's three, little balls. Ridiculous rico, fantastic. Thank you for sharing that this morning. Writer, director, actor, magician. Rico rodriguez, thank you for being here.

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{"id":17767130,"title":"'Modern Family's' Star Reveals Sofia Vergara's 'Motherly Advice'","duration":"3:44","description":"Rico Rodriguez chats about his new memoir, \"Reel Life Lessons -- So Far.\"","url":"/GMA/video/modern-familys-star-rico-rodriguez-reveals-sofia-vergaras-17767130","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}