Mom Put Daughter Up for Adoption Without Telling Father

A man is battling for custody for the daughter he never knew was given up for adoption.
2:17 | 12/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom Put Daughter Up for Adoption Without Telling Father
We're going to get right to the troubling custody fight playing out in utah. A baby girl, caught between the family who adopted her and the father who never knew she was given up for adoption. Amy robach is here with that. Reporter: George, good morning to you. It is an incredibly difficult and emotional custody case. A battle between a biological father who never knew what happened to his child. And the family who desperately wants to continue raising the little girl they love and legally adopted. This little girl is at the center of a fierce fight between a biological father and her adoptive parents. And this morning, both sides are digging in to keep a child they say is theirs. The girl's biological father, a staff sergeant in the army says he never even knew he had a daughter. Nearly two years ago, while he was stationed in south carolina, he says his now-ex-wife gave birth in utah and gave up the child for adoption without his knowledge or permission. She has a right to be able to be with her father. And that was taken away. Reporter: Achane's attorney says the birth mother gave the wrong address to reach him, preventing him from asserting his parental rights. Experts say utah's adoption laws are less strict than other states. For whatever reason, utah's laws appeal to people who want to get it done quick, rather than people who want to get it done right. Reporter: The little girl was adopted by jared and christy fry, a utah couple that wanted to expand their family. The toddler, who turns 2 in march, has been with them since her birth. But a judge has ordered them to return the little girl to her father, within 60 days. And the clock is ticking. He has a fundamental right to raise his own child. They can help, if they want to. It's up to them. Reporter: The frys appear ready to fight. In a statement to abc news, their attorneys say, they believe the district court made errors with their decision. Meantime, achaen says he will do what it takes to get his daughter. The next hearing in this case is SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 16th. And terry's attorney tells us that is to discus the transition of the child.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"A man is battling for custody for the daughter he never knew was given up for adoption.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17883143","title":"Mom Put Daughter Up for Adoption Without Telling Father","url":"/GMA/video/mom-puts-daughter-adoption-fathers-permission-utah-family-17883143"}