Mom Gets Surprise Room Renovation for Mother's Day

TLC's Leslie Segrete helps enrich family's life with a Mother's Day room makeover.
3:05 | 05/10/15

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Transcript for Mom Gets Surprise Room Renovation for Mother's Day
Well, a mother's work is never finished. With that in mind we set up to surprise one mom who has her hands and home very full, giving her a mother's day makeover. Reporter: Meet the brasso brew, all nine of them. Parents Jane and bill have a whopping 7 kids, so naturally, their family room looks like this. Complete chaos. We're surprising Jane with a mother's day makeover, so we called upon tlc's Leslie to help. Hello, are you Jane? I am. We're here for the "Gma" mother's day makeover. Can we come in? Yes, come in. Reporter: Jane takes us down to the disorganized den. This is our family room, our everything room. I have to say I'm having a mild panic attack being down here right now. I feel that way every time I walk down the steps. How do you envision this room? It still has to be a family room. We're going to send you to the spa for a day. No way! Reporter: Meantime, Leslie gets shopping at IKEA, looking for a storage unit with concealed shelving, an updated side table and decorative pillows for a pop of color. First up, we purge unwanted items. There's a little bit of everything in here. A little horsey, ney. He's going in the garbage. Reporter: Next we clear those overflowing shelves crammed with books, puzzles and random knickkna knickknacks. Just in case you didn't brush your teeth this morning, here's a toothbrush. I was looking for this. Reporter: With the big items gone, it's time for a fresh coat of paint. Meantime, Jane is getting the royal treatment at tangle salon, but back home we're still hard at work. We're going to get rid of this old dated piece and replace it with this clean furniture. Reporter: And finally -- Are you ready? I'm ready. Okay, look. Oh, my gosh. This looks -- I mean, this isn't my house. Reporter: Jane is totally overwhelmed. I love the color. I love everything. I am blown away. Like, my heart is like -- I'm blown away. Reporter: The old wooden bookshelves replaced with modernized storage units and a new work space for mom in between. Across the room we added a Reading nook, plus an updated console under the TV holding customized boxes for each child. Add in colorful throw pillows and a whimsical area rug, and for a special touch, a wall dedicated to the kids' artwork. What do you think? This is such an amazing treat for not just me but for my entire family. I love that. You did a great job. She is my new hero. And reasonably inexpensive. We did it in six hours and for roughly $1,000. I cannot say enough about Jane and all the moms out there.

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{"id":30937595,"title":"Mom Gets Surprise Room Renovation for Mother's Day","duration":"3:05","description":"TLC's Leslie Segrete helps enrich family's life with a Mother's Day room makeover.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-surprise-room-renovation-mothers-day-30937595","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}