Mom Testers Review New Spring Products Sold on TV

Three women test out products seen on infomercials in their everyday lives.
3:50 | 04/14/13

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Transcript for Mom Testers Review New Spring Products Sold on TV
Back, now, with one of our favorite segments. We haven't done this in a while. No. Mom testers. We recruit real moms from all over the country. The deal is, they some of the as-seen-on-tv products. Some can be quite crazy. Did they give the latest roundup of moms' seal of approval? Our becky worley has the scoop. Reporter: Spring has sprung. And with the new season -- good morning, america. Reporter: A new set of "gma" mom testers is in full bloom. Let's check that out. Reporter: Three, new moms, all "gma" viewers. And three as-seen-on-tv products that you have to see to believe. Wow. That's really good. Reporter: Do these time-saving intentions get a mom approved or a mom disappointed? Let's meet our moms. From philadelphia, pennsylvania, valda xavier, mom of three. From macungie, pennsylvania, marine brophy. And from lake in the hills, illinois, erin stark. First up, a perfect product for these busy moms who just sometimes need a hug. The hug light. The hands-free, flexible light that hugs tight. That is really quick. Reporter: Our moms were quick to embrace the hug light. It's comfortable on my neck. But it's pretty bright. Reporter: And the kids gave the hug light a growing review. You like that hug light, don't yeah. Good night, america. Reporter: It's unanimous, the hug light shines with all three moms, giving it a big mom approved. Next up, a product to help our moms get a grip. On their mobile devices anyway. It's the grip go. The most versatile hands-free mount. Reporter: Votes were high for the grip go. This is cool. It slipped. Reporter: It was love at first grip. I could see myself using it. It's really close. Reporter: And erin took it out for a joyful joy-ride. Mom approved. Reporter: Neither one are letting go of the grip go. Both give it a mom approved. Finally, moms have worked up an appetite. Time for a healthy do-it-yourself snack, like potato chips. Healthy? Enter the chiptastic. All three moms got right to work slicing. It looks way easier than it actually is. Reporter: Seasoning. Just a little bit of salt. Reporter: And microwaving their way to healthy potato chips. Ten seconds left. Reporter: But when the push comes to chip, it's all about the taste test. They're really good. Crunchy, has good flavor. Reporter: While valda and erin found the chiptastic -- a lot of work. Reporter: For a simple snack. Maureen and family ate it up. She'll be coming back to make the final verdict on the chiptastic. Two moms disappointed. One mom approved. Now, we spoke with ronco, the makers of the chiptastic. They told us, the chiptastic has several steps. But the more you use it, the easier it gets. And their own panel of testers told them, the chiptastic was worth it to enjoy the potato chips without guilt. But the chip is all about the taste. And I understand you have some made with the chip-tastic there. Are they, dan and bianna approved? Not bad. We didn't have to do the work, though. Becky, thank you. And ron claiborne loves the hug light. This is supplemented by these glasses here, with the lights on. Thank you. Who neuron had those. Bec

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Three women test out products seen on infomercials in their everyday lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18951119","title":"Mom Testers Review New Spring Products Sold on TV","url":"/GMA/video/mom-testers-review-spring-products-sold-tv-18951119"}