Mom's Message to Bullied Kids Goes Viral

One blogger's call for children to stand up for themselves has parents lashing back at her.
4:11 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Mom's Message to Bullied Kids Goes Viral
mommy blogger who has a tough love message for kids being bullied. It's been viewed nearly 1 million times. And her call for kids to defend themselves and parents to stay out of the way has sparked a ferocious debate. Abbie boudreau has the story. Reporter: She's a mom on a mission. Making headlines this morning about why she thinks kids who are bullied need to toughen up. Coddling your kids does not prepare your children to handle adversary. Reporter: In a blog post titled "why my kids are not the center of my world." Stephanie mets writes, the mentality of our society in 2013 is nauseating to me. I feel the job of a parent is not always to make their life easy. Reporter: Stephanie's self-admitted rant, who was meant for her following of eight close friends, now has more than 800,000 views. And it's striking a nerve among parents online. Stephanie writes, there was a time when kids got called names. And they brushed it off. She says, if a kid gets bullied nowadays, their whole world crumbles. They contemplate suicide. And society encourages a worldwide pity party. When you get into the real world and your boss is a jerk, how are you going to deal with that? Reporter: This has some parents outraged. Calling her an example of everything wrong with parents today. Another person writing, you should feel ashamed. I do know that bullying is a very real issue. But I do think we need to teach our kids to learn how to be a little stronger, I guess, emotionally. Reporter: Parenting expert, dr. Karen worden, agrees to an extent. When it's teasing, I want parents to teach their children how they can fix the problem. This is going to build resilience, confidence and communication skills. Reporter: Stephanie says she never intended to change the mindset of modern parents. But does hope they'll focus more on preparing their kids and not pampering them. For "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. You can imagine, a lot of reaction coming into this. HERE WAS jason McCann on twitter. I do not agree. I was bullied. When I tried to toughen up, it made my life worse. She doesn't know how mean kids can get. But j. Emmet cole says everybody should have a degree of toughness. Where do you come down? I think we need to teach children resilience. We don't need to be tougher on them or have them experience toughness. We need to teach them how to handle adversity. How to handle uncomfortable feelings and give them tools to punch through the other side. How would you suggest doing that? A couple things. You need to teach them how to build frustration tolerance. How to identify, I'm feeling upset and what does that feel like. And teach them how to express themselves, using "i" statements. I feel uncomfortable. I don't like the way you're talking to me. And teach them empathy, so they understand that somebody else could have a view and a problem in the situation. The mom seemed to have a clear take on the frustration tolerance issue. She says, leave them alone. Let them work out problems for themselves. And I disagree with that. It's a parents' job to teach them how to get through troubles that are plaguing any child. And if you say, this is a tough time, especially with a bullying situation, with adolescent girls. I'm going to step back and let you handle it, they can suffer really emotional trauma. It's a parents job to get involved and teach them how to talk through the problem and solve it for themselves. I completely agree. And not go the other way, and try to be their best friend all the time. I'm hopefully raising sarina to be my friend when she's an adult. And until then, I'll -- you need to partner with them. This is not the time you step back and let them take abuse. You partner with them and teach them side-by-side, so they can become stronger within. Great advice. Thank you so much. Really is good advice. We said this before. Everyone just does the best that they can. And there's no set formula. And parents just do what they think is best. Most couples try to keep their disagreements private.

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{"id":20898849,"title":"Mom's Message to Bullied Kids Goes Viral","duration":"4:11","description":"One blogger's call for children to stand up for themselves has parents lashing back at her.","url":"/GMA/video/moms-message-bullied-kids-viral-20898849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}