Mom's Test Potential Holiday Gifts

Becky Worley leads effort to see if products are mother approved.
4:02 | 12/02/12

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Transcript for Mom's Test Potential Holiday Gifts
you heard the commercials as seen on tv. All kind of products promising to do miraculous things but do they work if you want to know for sure, you go to experts, you go to the moms. Let's send it out to becky worley who does our mom tester pieces. Becky, good morning to you. Good morning. Do you dare? Do you dare give the gift of an infomercial. If youo, you probably should do your home work. That's where our team of mom testers comes in. This holiday season, get the mom the gift that you know she'll love. The gift of -- mom testers. Are you ready? Three new moms. All "good morning america" viewers. Thank you for watching. And three new as seen on tv products that promise -- to make our days merry and bright. Amazing. Reporter: Will these gifts find a place under the christmas tree or get dumped out with the cold? Lets meet our moms. From south orange, new jersey, julia haubner smith, mom of three girls. And cindy christopher from florida. And amy schroeder, mom of four. A tool to help clean up those holiday messes. Meet the sticky buddy. It has the power of glue without the goo. The sticky buddy game cindy's new best friend. I love this thing. Reporter: But amy didn't get quite as detached. There's still stuff there. Reporter: The one member of the member found a perk. While julia liked how easy it was for her whole family to use. She wasn't sure that the sticky buddy could manage her mess. She sided with amy to make the sticky buddy. Two moms disapproved. That's not christmas candy. That's the easy towel. A towel that expands in liquid. All three moms turned their tablets into towels with ease and got tested. It does work. Julia wiped down her counter. And the portability was a big plus. It's small and dry, you can throw it anywhere. Reporter: For these busy moms on the go, the verdict on the easy towel was well, easy. All three gave it a big mom approved. Now, forever comfy. Reporter: Finally the holidays are a time for a relaxation. For customized comfort every time you sit down. The forever comfy hit the spot for julia and her family. It is very comfy. Cyndi's comfort, too. While amy's kids also approved, for her, comfort can wait. She gave it one mom disappointed to cyndi and julia's mom approved. On that relaxing note, we leave our moms to basic in that holiday glow and enjoy another successful edition of mom testers. And we should we mention that we reached out to the marketer of the sticky buddy they didn't have a response for us. Now you know if you will delve into the world of as seen on tv products as for me, I'll see, bianna will get the easy towel and dan, sticky buddy. Really? I'm really into the easy towel. All right, becky, thank you very much. Coming up -- speaking of cats, wait until you see what happens to this cat when he

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{"id":17860593,"title":"Mom's Test Potential Holiday Gifts","duration":"4:02","description":"Becky Worley leads effort to see if products are mother approved.","url":"/GMA/video/moms-test-potential-holiday-gifts-17860593","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}