Money-Saving Experts Face Off on 'GMA' Showdown

"GMA" challenges expert supersavers to see who has the best money-saving tips.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for Money-Saving Experts Face Off on 'GMA' Showdown
♪ it's not about the money ♪ the stakes are very high. We're revealing secrets of super savers. Save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on food, clothes and much more and today it's done. Our super savers showdown. We have two money-saving experts. Let's meet our contestants. First up it's amiyrah. Your claim to fame, of course, you blog who is the one who took a $634 grocery bill down to -- that was joanie. Amiyrah. Your claim to fame? I can feed my family of four on $64 a week. My girl. Tips and questions and the winner is going into the -- the booth. For the biggest savings, what is the best day of the week to buy airline ticksy is it a monday -- joanie, yes. You got -- tuesday. Tuesday, yes. The fares go up at tuesday 3:00 p.M. Eastern. Everybody crash some airlines' web sighs. Second up which of the following are routinely cheaper at the drugstore, milk and eggs, produce -- joanie, yes. Go for it. I like that. "A," milk and eggs. I do want to -- amiyrah. You are something of an expert. The drugstore good to place to get produce. A great place to get your dairy products, actually. Our favorite things to get at the drugstore, eggs and cheese and I can usually get it between a dollar and $2 less than at the grocery store. There we go. Next up, which of the following items in your pantry will never -- lara. Go ahead. Finish the question. Lara, go ahead. Oh, wait. Soda, honey, canned brown coffee or chocolate chips. Come on, girl. Soda. That is not correct. Joanie, it's all yours. Don't take it out on the buzzer. It's "b," honey. That is correct. I knew it. All right. Here we go. The purpose of the website ebates.Com. Joanie, yes. Can you give me -- no, no. Right there. To qualify -- amiyrah. Auto matic e-mails aboutshowing, free shopping or gift card swapping. It is "a." There we go. You are right. Joanie, you're a big fan of ebates. They pay you in a quarterly check and I receive checks of upwards of $200. The best of five so that means joanie is the winner. Whoo-hoo. Here we go. Come on. Are you ready? Ready. All right, joanie, come on. Good job, joanie, whoo! Start the clock. We have 30 seconds. Joanie, grab as much as you can, tuck in. I'm ready. Three, two, one, go. Ah. Go. That's it. Hurry. Get it in there, joanie. Oh. Oh. Come on, joan. Come on, joan. You're doing good. Very good. Ten seconds on the clock. She can get as much as $600. Joanie, joanie. We'll tell you how much she got when we return, the secrets of super savers. Log on, goodmorningamerica.Com. Go nowhere. Drew barrymore is next. "Gma's" secrets of super savers is brought to you by truvia natural insurance.

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{"id":21525360,"title":"Money-Saving Experts Face Off on 'GMA' Showdown","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" challenges expert supersavers to see who has the best money-saving tips.","url":"/GMA/video/money-saving-experts-face-off-gma-showdown-21525360","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}