Monkeys Run This Town

India's Monkey Wars and the Sound That Scares Them Away
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for Monkeys Run This Town
We are driving through the streets of deadly hunting for the city's biggest street gang -- Good thing is they could be anywhere from some residents here tell us they're celebrating they won't even go outside. Are your children safe. When they're outside. Don't know. -- A revered but did it. As we drive we get a tip on their location and scramble inside. All over there. -- until finally we come face to face with a tiny terrors. And yet. -- monkeys. Right this is kind of weird as we're recording this I'm looking up and I'm seeing hordes of monkeys off the roof looking down at us. As the government moves -- that is wonderful comment on the -- Nothing unethical legal and we've been known and they got that -- what level headed up the conflict over the -- of this. They're or tens of thousands of monkeys roaming deadly streets and what they show what these -- the -- most people call. They call themselves professional monkey -- paid to -- the monkeys away. India's monkey men are allowed to hurt the animals there -- a law against it it's so instead they do this. And and. Yeah -- grunting to scare the monkeys away can teach me how to make that -- and we'll let out. -- -- Yeah yeah. You -- or in this case runs but the -- mimics the sound of an alpha monkey warning the smaller monkeys to stay away from. -- and speaking of alpha -- -- -- a series this is mad. Maggie is alone -- a natural predator -- the -- breed of monkeys that wreak Havoc in the city. But -- -- -- is if I played the game but it's it's not a Hannity and about. As we go on patrol with -- to a nearby -- which watches he leaps into the trees ready to attack. Among Europe there is -- up its ground and all the monkeys on these trees are not giving up their ground. And -- got again in the end we trekked deeper -- that he's mere presence keeps the past few months away. Small but temporary victory it -- strange battle command verses monkey vs even bigger monkey. Yeah dog world -- how many ABC news intently --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"India's Monkey Wars and the Sound That Scares Them Away","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23119461","title":"Monkeys Run This Town","url":"/GMA/video/monkeys-run-town-23119461"}