Monster Tornado Strikes Airport

Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across America.
3:00 | 10/06/13

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Transcript for Monster Tornado Strikes Airport
A monster tornado taking out an airport, whilethers are digging out from an epic snowstorm. There's karen in the gulf. Ginger zee is in empire, louisiana, this morning with all of the details. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Hey, guys. It's calm here because karen is 100 miles away. She hardly moved all day. There's not a lot left. Still going to try to make its way across this portion of southeastern louisiana later today and tonight. But this thing has really died ou and that's great for all the gulf states. I'll have that forecast in a bit. But our eyes have been on that blizzard. And of course, the severe weather. We'll get the reports from this weekend. More than 90 including two, new tornadoes yesterday. And a new picture of the nebraska monster. Holy cow. That ef-4 twister, ripping through wayne, nebraska, up to 170 miles per hour. More than a mile wide at times, traveling 19 miles. Launing pardon me equipment destroying the town's airport. The wind start blowing and it started to rain a little bit. It got pitch black and lots of noise. Most of us hid for cover. Reporter: One day later, another reported tornado, in tennessee. And in rapid city, south dakota -- so many opening a snow-caked door to this. That record-breaking blizzard, swallong parts of the state in a surreal two to four feet of snow. Day two of us being trapped without power. We're running off battery power in the trailer. Reporter: Anthony, his wife and dog, joining the hundreds dropped just outside rapid city. Folks plowing walls of snow to get out. I wish it would have waited a little longer. Little too early for me to have this winter. Reporter: All of the intense weather coming just as what's left of karen sits over the ocean. But a shelter in belle chasse, remains almost at capacity, despite evacuation orders changing from mandatory to voluntary. They're concerned about the winds. All tropical storm warnings and watches have been canceled. Much calmer here ahead of the storm. We'll get some out of it. What to expect and when to expect it. Later tonight through tomorrow. And watch as that travels through the next couple of days along the gulf. It will be a one two to inches of rain thing. Three-foot to five-foot seas, though. Do not go in the ocean in the gulf. That will be the biggest threat. A lot of the towns that have big issues, rapid city, wayne, nebras nebraska, you're starting to calm down and clear it. Coming up, louisville had some major flooding overnight. Its third-wettest day on record. Back to dan and bianna. Thank you, ginger. A lot of other news breaking

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{"id":20485636,"title":"Monster Tornado Strikes Airport","duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across America.","url":"/GMA/video/monster-tornado-strikes-airport-20485636","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}