How Well Do Mosquito-Repellent Products Work?

New products are hitting the market that claim to protect against mosquitoes.
2:58 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for How Well Do Mosquito-Repellent Products Work?
Test Text1 plain 7:41 back now with the battle against the zika virus. The makers of genetically modified mosquitoes pitching their plan to congress as new questions are raised about the products that claim to protect you. ABC's gio Benitez is here with more and good morning, gio. Reporter: Lara, good morning to you. Talking about mosquitos that would not be able to produce offspring. That's the key. Limping that spread. But this morning serious questions about whether it'll work. This morning, a red hot debate over what to do about zika as mosquito season kicks into high gear. Congress now hearing a new approach on how to battle the bug. Genetically modified mosquitoes, a company testifying Wednesday claiming they can reduce the bug population by 90% in urban areas. Releasing modified male mcs that don't bite to breed with females producing offspring that die after hatching. Killing off the next generation of mosquitoes before they ever have a chance to bite. The company says their mosquitoes won't hurt humans. It's no more or less capable of doing anything else than a Normal mosquito. Reporter: Some worry it can backfire. Concerned Americans desperately looking for products to fight the bug. But just this week the federal trade commission taking one to task. The marketer of mosquito shield bands agreeing to fork over $300,000 after the ftc said the company pedaled the band without the science to know if it truly prevents bites. The company firing back saying, it has data showing it works but that it never claimed to protect against all mosquitoes and that it did not take advantage of consumer concerns for the zika virus. Now new this morning "Consumer reports" releasing its latest test on mosquito repellent clothing. In its test they say they found that the shirts do help protect against mosquitoes but they aren't entirely mosquito-proof. Neither brand of shirt worked as well after it had been washed 25 times. Reporter: The companies in the test don't claim you should only use their shirts, L.L. Bean telling ABC news overnight our no-fly zone garments give folks yet another effective choice for batting biting insects and insect-borne diseases. Insect shield saying it is an inexpensive and automatic way to protect against the zika virus. They're already being used in the cayman islands to text against zika virus. Clearly not everyone is happy about it but it may move forward. Good to know all the different products out there. Writing them down. Use them all. Use them together. I don't know. Somebody you remind us of. Who is it? Is there -- oh, there it is. Oh, my gosh. See the mosquitoes.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"New products are hitting the market that claim to protect against mosquitoes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39391106","title":"How Well Do Mosquito-Repellent Products Work?","url":"/GMA/video/mosquito-repellent-products-work-39391106"}