Mother, Daughter Weight-Loss Journey

The duo took the 100-day challenge, losing 42 and 32 pounds respectively.
1:29 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Mother, Daughter Weight-Loss Journey
Yonhap news -- -- still a really cool Mother's Day story about how mom and daughter combo who -- working together lose weight. Fifty year old Cheryl shots and her seventeen year old daughter tests that have -- their journey in an online diary and we get to see it. -- it's coming thing. Their firm Ramsey -- -- favorite which is -- -- hundred day challenge that's that they are doing have read that give. I'd give it 100 dot com is how you can find it and together they lost a combined 74 pounds. Hugh that's a lot of -- Ross says the -- good to -- let's do it. What's it looking like -- and it's time to get this way -- look and work hard credited to that's still. Pull ups can you imagine your mom doing my mom would make -- careful. I -- I try to get into it went down while she -- do that in the next day she can't move when she blames me but you're not younger than I'm on my mom uses men -- -- her excuse for -- -- trying to diet my money as menopause for the last ten years I think that's how she described this. She always says she -- you know what if -- scientific I can't lose weight anymore so I'm not that I did -- scientific that she can do they look great but my nonsensical war. They'd say lean on each other through the whole thing they just really -- each other up and 42 and 32 pounds respectively that's really wonderful. Okay -- that is the Bravo hasn't I've learned losing even three pounds in the efforts of 74.

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{"duration":"1:29","description":"The duo took the 100-day challenge, losing 42 and 32 pounds respectively.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23639345","title":"Mother, Daughter Weight-Loss Journey","url":"/GMA/video/mother-daughter-weight-loss-journey-23639345"}