Mom Testers Take On 'As Seen on TV' Products

Moms review hair iron and machine that makes spaghetti out of your favorite vegetables.
4:07 | 05/11/14

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Transcript for Mom Testers Take On 'As Seen on TV' Products
? It's mother's day. We've been searching for products to make life easier around the house. Ron is having fun. We can get tape for you later. But Dan's the drummer. We can share that. We have a mother's day story. Meanwhile. Whether it be cleaning up after the kid, whipping up a healthy meal, or trying to look your best, the as seen on TV products promise a lot. Do they deliver? Beckry korly hads more. Reporter: Breakfast in bed. A bow Kay of roses. Introducing the vegetti. Good morning, America. Are you ready for that? Alrea Reporter: We have given moms as seen on TV products. Our moms are New York's Jessica smith. Mom of three. Texas' Carrie Hamilton with to girls and l.a.'s tishs Greene. Mom of one. Fwl it's the wow cup. Maybe it will wow us. Pour a little bit of liquid in. Close the lid. Reporter: Pay put the wow cup to work. Nothing happens. Up and down. Good. Reporter: The kids took it for a spin. Literally. No spill. Mom approved. Reporter: The wow cup lived up to its name. Earning a unanimous mom approved. Next up this mother's day, we decided to give our moms the gift of glam. The incrediblefecter fusion styler. I feed something to do with my hear. Reporter: The perfective stiler tamed Jessica's mane. It's got a finished curl. Reporter: It paled in comparison to their usual tool. I don't prefer this small rolling brush. It does leave some curl. Reporter: For Carrie and her girls, the killers came easy. But so did the tangles. The manufacture says that it is sorry for this negative experience. They quote pride ourselves on doing our best to help customers use the products. For our moms, the perfecter fusion tistyler was not perfect. Three not approved. It's vegetti time. Reporter: It's what? Veggetti. Push and twist. Like a pencil sharpener. It makes it look pretty. Reporter: After a little cooking time. That's what it looks like. Reporter: Would the kids reject in the vejkys in disguise? You like it? I like it. A thumb's up. Reporter: The veggetti earns our second unanimous mom approved. So, in the age old tradition of moms tricking their kids into eating their vegetables, I'll be making veggetti for dinner tonight. So bianna, to you, our mom terss, my own peach of a mom. Happy mother's day out there everyone. Man, do we earn this holiday or what. What kind of gift did we give you to wake up at 3:30 in the morning? I'm obsessed with the wow cup. Won Ron couldn't get the lid off. Ron's vested in what's in the cup. And it flies, too. Wow. All right. Coming up on this edition of "Good morning America" -- "Gma"

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{"id":23672386,"title":"Mom Testers Take On 'As Seen on TV' Products","duration":"4:07","description":"Moms review hair iron and machine that makes spaghetti out of your favorite vegetables. ","url":"/GMA/video/mother-testers-tv-products-23672386","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}