Motive Sought in US Consulate Shooting

ABC News' Matt Gutman brings the latest on the suspect in the shooting of a U.S. consulate officer.
2:38 | 01/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Motive Sought in US Consulate Shooting
New details what the shooter caught on camera attacking US consulate official in Mexico you see the gunman stalking his victim before opening fire. The shooter is in custody this morning ABC's Matt governors on the scene in Guadalajara Mexico good morning Matt. Good morning George this is the spine and that video re see that gunman opened fire net US consulate officially dead. Go scampering off this way towards the mall. He doesn't get going Mexican special forces catch up with him on Sunday and other stunning twist we learn that that suspected hit man. It's a fellow American. This morning ABC news has learned the alleged trigger man behind this attempt did hit a net counselor official in Mexico. He's an American. Mexican officials saying debate you see first still looking then coolly shooting State Department official Christopher Ashcroft. He's American Z is a far the 31 year old Ashcroft survived that assassination attempt on Friday and for the next 48 hours. Mexican and American authorities launched a massive manhunt. Were the mystery man Mexican special forces cornering the suspects Sunday taking him into custody. That surveillance video showed the shooter in no scrubs big sunglasses net -- week. You see him walking from behind that truck there's something in his right pants pocket. It's hand holding it close. The next video shows a parking kiosk Ashcroft leaving the gym. He's at the kiosk apparently completely unaware as he turns to walk out that his assailant. Is just. Behind him and then authorities say you sees a far the parking garage exit waiting for ashcroft's caller. When it pulls up he reaches into that pocket investigators say pulls out a pistol and fires only once in fleece. The bullet hitting Ashcroft in the shoulder. The shooter seemed to a. Fled for so much that disguise learning Ashcroft exact movements but it seemed he failed to plan for one thing. The surveillance cameras. Right at the scene of the crime according to the Mexican attorney general's office Ashcroft is now in stable condition it under protection at a local hospital. Lease typically fall into two categories obviously that. The shooter was upset with some official. Aspect. Of mr. ashcroft's job or it goes into the personal realm. All indications are this is not a terrorist attacks killed US officials here told to watch and limit their Mubix. As Boise is a far he's already back in Mexico City being processed for deportation to the US where he could face charges for the shooting joy.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman brings the latest on the suspect in the shooting of a U.S. consulate officer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44644045","title":"Motive Sought in US Consulate Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/motive-sought-us-consulate-shooting-44644045"}