Movie Blockbusters 2017 Preview

What can movie fans look forward to in the new year?
2:33 | 01/01/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Movie Blockbusters 2017 Preview
A brand new year for movies and 2017 promises to deliver long awaited blockbusters and ABC's Chris Connelly has a preview of what's hitting theaters this year. If 2017 sets up as a year of seismic change these months in the making movies hope to offer the familiar pleasures that franchises bring. Life the cinematic universe for guardians of the galaxy part two. Do you need a hug? No, no I do not. Long awaited live action version of Disney's "Beauty and the beast" can Emma Watson as its heroinne. Wonder woman gets her own movie amid the strength of world War I. Is there a fast eight? There sure is. The fate of the furious. We're going to need a bigger truck. The weekend before Valentine's day will bring "50 shades darker." Dakota Johnson. Pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales. Eager to find Johnny Depp's sparrow. Not all fun and games. The World War II drama dunkirk puts Christopher Nolan back in the director's chair and queen latifah hits the road for "Girl's trip." Jake gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds are in orbit when something goes Ary. That's life. The Steven king saga "The dark tower" and the leg go Batman movie which the cape nstruction fights crime over robin. I love it. But the pants are just a little tight. I got an idea. It's better. All that, plus a spiderman reboot. Another transformer sequel and by December "Star wars" episode 8. Not the worst time to have something loud to look forward to. For "Good morning America," Chris Connelly, ABC news, los Angeles. Nothing makes me happier than going to the movies. The movie that you go to see or just the bucket of popcorn? It's a mixture. Twizleers as well. I don't know if Dr. Ashton would appro approve. It's all right. You make up for it right? Hi, rob. We have a new storm developing for the new year.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"What can movie fans look forward to in the new year?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44497319","title":"Movie Blockbusters 2017 Preview","url":"/GMA/video/movie-blockbusters-2017-preview-44497319"}