Movie Theatre Shooting Victim's Wife Breaks Down in Court

Surveillance video of events expected to be shown in court on Friday.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Movie Theatre Shooting Victim's Wife Breaks Down in Court
We begin with the latest on that shooting in a Florida movie theater. It started over a spat over texting and now the shooter is claiming self-defense. A judge will decide if reeves can be freed on bond. Steve osunsami has the story. Good morning. Good morning. Curtis reeves remains locked number a jail and at the bond hearing to determine whether he should be let out before trial, the emotions spilled over. Nicole oulson, the wife of the man gunned down at this Florida movie theater breaking down at this bond hearing weapons. She was there that cold day in January when police say this retired police captain shot her husband 43-year-old Chad oulson because he was texting. He said, I can't believe he shot me. He took another step and a half and then he collapses on my son. Reporter: Police charged 71-year-old Curtis reeves with second degree murder saying he started arguing with him during the previews. An off-duty police deputy says he overheard this exchange between reeves and his wife after the shooting. She said that was no cause to shoot anyone, and then he leaned back around and stuck his finger out, you know, as to, you know, scold her and said, you shut your Mouth and don't say another word. Reporter: Reeves pled not guilty on Wednesday arguing that he shot oulson in self-defense. And police reports he said he was struck in the face with an unknown object. But witness after witness said the only object they saw was a bag of popcorn. He throws the popcorn and almost immediately the gun comes out and the shots fired. Reporter: The retired policeman held it together until his daughter took the stand. He was having trouble pulling his bow back. Reporter: He cried as she tried to explain he's an old pan with health issues and should be set free while he prepares for trial. He kept all of his tools because he just knew that his hands would get better but it hasn't happened. Reporter: If any coal oulson gets her say reeves won't be going anywhere. I don't want him to see daylight ever again. Reporter: Nicole oulson will be there to tell her story and prosecutor are expected to share surveillance videos and photos they've obtained from the movie theater that afternoon. George? Okay, Steve, thanks very much. Let's bring in ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams. This video could be so significant. Crucial because it'll help determine was there something thrown, remember, that is his defense, it's something was thrown at him. Was something thrown. What was thrown, when was it thrown, the timing becomes very important because, remember, there are two question, number one is self-defense where he is going to say that he reasonably believed that he was in danger of serious bodily injury or death. The other issue is trying to get this down from second degree murder to manslaughter. Second degree murder requiring intent and manslaughter being more sort of reckless conduct as if it were a fight. One person responding to the other and so in terms of that determination, the timing becomes really important and the video should be crucial. This is Florida but there's no chance of a stand your ground defense. He could pursue it but not the sort of most controversial part of the law. The most controversial part of the law relates to the duty to retreat, right? There's no duty to retreat understand your ground. Not really relevant here. One of the key questions in my mind is how is it going to play into the fact there's a movie theater. I think that prosecutors will say when it comes to the law of reasonably believing you were in danger, you're in a movie theater. You really believed that whatever it was that was thrown at you made you believe reasonably that you were in danger? Popcorn. Now, by the way he may challenge it was popcorn. I think even the victim's family suggesting maybe he didn't throw popcorn. There's still questions there and that's why the video becomes important. Does he have any chance of getting bail. He's got a chance. It's been denied once. If this was manslaughter he probably would get bail. The fact it's murder makes it tough. Thanks. Another video of that

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Surveillance video of events expected to be shown in court on Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22388800","title":"Movie Theatre Shooting Victim's Wife Breaks Down in Court","url":"/GMA/video/movie-theatre-shooting-victims-wife-breaks-surveillance-video-22388800"}