MTV's Video Music Awards Takes Over Barclays Center

Awards spectacle is known for spontaneous moments featuring people's favorite celebrities.
3:07 | 08/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MTV's Video Music Awards Takes Over Barclays Center
Coming up tonight, it's the annual speck kl nonas the video music awards. They veer off tell prompter creating memorable moments. That's not going to happen here, but we can check it out in the "good morning america" studios. The moon man, a revamped award being hand out tonight. Mildly terrifying. It's huge. We have been digging to find out what's happening. And rachel smith is outside the venue in brooklyn. Reporter: That's right, good morning. The final touches are coming together out here in brooklyn where I'll be today on the red carpet taught to the stars talking about the buzz leading up one of the most talked about shows of the year. It's the all-star lineup, the highly secretive and likely shocking mtv video awards stage. You want to bring it. Be the performance everyone talks about. Even the artists are finding it hard to contain their excitement. Instagraming, and tweeting picks and videos. Teasing the performances, katie perry, lady gaga, and macklemore and others getting vocal. But perhaps the most revealing tweet coming from the act that's got everyone talking, n 'sync. I'm a huge fan. Are you excited ? Of course. The boy band warming up their new verified twitter account, writing, mic check, one, two, is this thing on? A night before their rumored reunion on the vma stage. Did you think you'd see the day? It's huge. Doesn't get huger than that, right? No. This year there's a surprise underneath the brooklyn bridge. But it's so top secret, we can't show you. But fans are guessing which is responsible. Lady guy day? Justin beiber. Katie perry. Yes. You have these ideas for months of what you would like to see. And what the artists would like to see. It's the best feeling when you put it out there. If history repeats itself on this vma stage, will likely deliver another riveting performance that will keep us talking. This show has been a fun topic of conversation for us over at gma, but we want you to join our chat. All you have to do is log on to "good morning america" on yahoo! And take the vma poll. We want to find out what you think is the most memorable vma moment of all time. The results will be on monday when we recap all things vma. It's a great show, dan and bian. I've got it. I think I know what's there, n 'sync, all of them with curly hair out of the water. You think? I don't think. Future a stage craft. THE EXCITEMENT OVER THE VMAs

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{"id":20060444,"title":"MTV's Video Music Awards Takes Over Barclays Center","duration":"3:07","description":"Awards spectacle is known for spontaneous moments featuring people's favorite celebrities.","url":"/GMA/video/mtvs-video-music-awards-takes-barclays-center-20060444","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}