Mumps Outbreak Expands Across US College Campuses

There have been thousands of cases reported in 2016.
1:42 | 11/18/16

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Transcript for Mumps Outbreak Expands Across US College Campuses
Let's turn to Dr. Besser and there's a huge mumps outbreak on some college campuses. Thousands of cases across the country this year and Dr. Besser, mumps seems like a childhood illness. Right. There is a vaccine for it. That's right. Why so many outbreaks? This is a big increase, but the vaccine doesn't protect 100% of people. If you get two doses which is what you should get, that's going to protect about 88% of people. If you only get one dose of the vaccine that will protect about 78% of people. So that means on college campuses a lot of people who are still at risk of the mumps and college campuses are disease incubators, I have two kids in college. One had mumps, the other one is always sick. They're living in crowded quarters and sharing secretions and water bottles. It's a place where diseases tend to spread. What are the symptoms? Telltale sign is that swelling of the cheeks, loss of the jawline because your Sal Varley glands are inflamed. Fever, body aches, all those viral symptoms and most recover fine, though there are some who will get some swelling of the brain, rarely you can get swelling of the testicles. If you're pregnant it can affect the baby so you want to do what you can to prevent the disease and get two doses of the vaccine and if you're sick stay away from people for five days and try not to share the stuff. You know, campus, there is a lot of the sharing and kissing. There's risk. A lot of the kissing. Might not stop the kissing. I know. I talk to my kids. There's no way. It's not going to happen. You know what, you'll be answering everybody's questions on Twitter. Have any questions just ask Dr. Besser. He'll have the answer for you. What are you going to do. Throw your kids under the

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"There have been thousands of cases reported in 2016.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43630859","title":"Mumps Outbreak Expands Across US College Campuses","url":"/GMA/video/mumps-outbreak-expands-us-college-campuses-43630859"}