Murdoch, Wife Reach Divorce Settlement

Details are under wraps in what could be the most expensive divorce ever.
2:28 | 11/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Murdoch, Wife Reach Divorce Settlement
Now, to what could be the biggest divorce settlement ever. Media mogul, rupert myrurdoch and his wife, wendi, in court today. And murdoch is no stranger to big divorce settlements. Linsey davis has the story. Reporter: This morning, rupert murdoch and his estranged wife, wendy dang, there appear before a new york judge. One step closer to what could be the most expensive divorce ever. So far, the details are under wraps. But we do know there's a lot at stake. The media titan and world's 91st-RICHEST MAN IS WORTH AN Estimated $13.4 billion. With properties around the world. There's no such thing as a prenup that can't be challenged, even if one believes it so-called iron-clad, you can't prevent one party from filing a claim that it is unfair. Reporter: The couple also had two post-nuptial agreements. But experts say other factors could help wendi walk away with a pretty penny. They're going to court to make sure that the agreement is something that was negotiated, understood by each party, that each party was not under my duress. Reporter: The 82-year-old multibilliillionaire filed for divorce in june, saying their marriage had broken down irretrievably. A far cry from his gushing endorsement with his blushing bride two years earlier. Who wouldn't fall in love with her. She's very talented. Reporter: And deng's public display of devotion in 2011, jumping in front of murdoch, to protect him from a pie-throwing heckler. This morning, it's looking like deng will get a big piece of the murdoch pie. Perhaps surpassing his last payout to his second wife, anna. That $1.7 billion settlement, considered one of the largest in history. Murdoch gets to keep his colorado homes. While deng is expected to keep the couple's pa lashs penthouse apartment in new york. So the two young daughters can stay at home. And there's also reports that rupert has already moved on with a young massage therapist. That's a shocker. We just let that one -- thanks for that, linsey. Appreciate that little -- very stressful. Of course. What have you got?

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{"id":20948088,"title":"Murdoch, Wife Reach Divorce Settlement","duration":"2:28","description":"Details are under wraps in what could be the most expensive divorce ever.","url":"/GMA/video/murdoch-wife-reach-divorce-settlement-20948088","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}