#My3WordsGMA: Share What Inspires You in Just 3 Words

"GMA"'s decade-long tradition is of spreading inspiration kicks off again with this year's "My Three Words" campaign.
2:15 | 01/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for #My3WordsGMA: Share What Inspires You in Just 3 Words
??? you are the future ??? And back here on "Good morning America," I am actually outside but in a tent. It's the tropicana pop-up tent saying good morning, America. Those are the three words that inspired -- I hear giggles. I hear giggles -- a huge tradition called my three words and we're bringing it back big this morning. First, take a look. My three word, one of "Gma" a most beloved traditions. ??? Brand-new ??? ??? oh whoa ??? You our viewers sharing just three words. Brand-new. So to sum up your hope, challenges, milestone, triumphs. It even went global. Ready, set, go. Reporter: With a huge live event. Seattle, Chicago, Disney, oh, Afghanistan. Reporter: Celebrity, little ones and four-legged friends, the whole world coming together to share our joy, tears and life lessons. ??? I feel brand-new ??? So we started ply three words, excuse me, ten years ago so it's been going for awhile and it is coming back strong thanks to our sponsor tropicana. We are actually inside their tent right now and it's called the bring out your best you experience so they're helping us do it even bigger than before. You can come in here have a little O.J. Has everybody has been doing and tell them what inspires you most when you get up in the morning and, of course, gets you off on the right food and always helps to compliment folks. Be a part of it. Tell us what inspires your best morning and your best you. We want to you tell us in just three words, by the way, so what inspires you? Go ahead and drop it, my friend. We want you to post a video called a my three word video so just use the #mythreewords"gma." After you make that you can post out on Twitter or Instagram. Let's drop that one but you have to do it in just three words. It's kind of hard. I'll hold these. Just three words, of course, then we want you to do the final step don't forget to use the hashtag. Have you seen these? Do you have a couple of three words you love? Yeah. Love, joy, it can be anything.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"\"GMA\"'s decade-long tradition is of spreading inspiration kicks off again with this year's \"My Three Words\" campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44799169","title":"#My3WordsGMA: Share What Inspires You in Just 3 Words ","url":"/GMA/video/my3wordsgma-share-inspires-words-44799169"}