Myths about the solar eclipse from a health perspective

Find out if babies and pets need protective glasses during the event.
2:30 | 08/19/17

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Transcript for Myths about the solar eclipse from a health perspective
??? We are busting the myths about the eclipse from a health perspective in our "Weekend download." Dr. Jen Ashton is here. Good morning. Good morning. Got our sunglasses handy. It's worth saying one more time. Your regular sunglasses are not going to cut it. Correct. They don't block. Neither do cell phone cameras, binoculars. This is not a joke. If you look at this solar eclipse without the proper eclipse glasses which we have right here, you will do damage to your eyes and I just want to let people to know to tell you're not using counterfeits when you put them on inside everything will look black that's how you know you're looking through real eclipse safe glasses. If you look at an unfrosted light bulb you will see the wire filament. What the myth my eyes don't hurt they must not be getting damaged? On the retina which is part of the eye at risk if you look without the proper glasses, there are no nerve endings. There will not be any pain. The only signs or symptoms that you will have is several hours later you'll have a central bl blurriness like there's vaseline in the center of your field. There will not be pain looking at it or afterwards. You can damage your vision in as little as a few seconds. Do babies and pets need protection because there is the myth that they do. I know. It would be adorable but they don't know about the eclipse. Certainly our pets don't know and little babies don't know so it's unlikely that they'll stare at it. So, no, they don't need protection. If you're concerned leave them inside. Make for great visuals. There have been myths if you watch a lunar eclipse, this a total eclipse and not a lunar eclipse but if you watch a lunar eclipse when you're pregnant your baby will be born with a cleft lip. There are so many incredibly interesting solar lunar eclipse kind of stories that involve obstetrics and pregnancy. We know that cleft palate, cleft lip is not related to anything that's going on in the sun or lunar system, so, no, that is completely false. It has to do with some genetic and environmental factors but this one, no. The sun is always out when you're in studio with us. Thank you very much. Everybody. Trying to read off the prompter. I can't. You can see our full coverage of "The great American eclipse" Monday with our live special starting at 1:00 P.M. Eastern right here on ABC. Don't forget to share your photos with us even those of your babies and pets.

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{"id":49308639,"title":"Myths about the solar eclipse from a health perspective","duration":"2:30","description":"Find out if babies and pets need protective glasses during the event.","url":"/GMA/video/myths-solar-eclipse-health-perspective-49308639","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}