Naomi Campbell and Iman Demand Diversity on Runway

Fashion icons demand a change in habits when it comes to casting models.
3:38 | 09/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Naomi Campbell and Iman Demand Diversity on Runway
Next up on the heat index, new york fashion week. Top models say it's falling back on old habits when it comes to casting supermodels. Naomi campbell and iman are calling for more diversity on the runway. Reporter: If a runway show features white models or only one black model? I man and nae yoemmy are take the unprecedented step of naming names who they say are defining beauty and fashion as virtually all white. She's one of the biggest names on the cat walk. Supermodel nay chroomi campbell glittered. Dvf, the exception to what they're charging is racism on the runway. I don't like it. I said, where are the others? I'm very outspoken. Reporter: Naomi, iman, and beth are taking the talk online. They are basing it on what they saw in last season's fall show. They're naming names. Calvin klein, donna karan, and armani for using one or no models of color in the fall shows. Calling it a racist act. It reads like a who's who list of designers. It's shocking. Reporter: What do you think in this day and age? Your body and your beauty, it doesn't matter what color you are. You should have the opportunity to do the job. Reporter: They hope diversity is going to be fashionable. This is not the business of shaming. We go back again to chair fie it. Nobody is calling these designers racist. The act itself is racism. Reporter: Iman, also known as mr. David bowie may be a mig power player. She's outranged that this is happening. There's a time that silence is not acceptable. If the conversation cannot be had publicly in our industry, then there is something wrong with the industry. Reporter: The council of fashion designers of america says it sent e-mails to the designers saying the most powerful one is one of diversity. People have very specific artistic notions of how they want their creations to be presented. They hide behind ans a t sasthetic. It's arrogance and racism. Why us? Who else? Who is going to do it? Somebody has to do it. And change does not happen easy. You should know "gma" reached out to the designers on the list. None were able to respond. Naomi praised dvf and others for their efforts. Tom ford does all the casting himself. They were unvarnished. And real. And mad. Thank you, juju. Time for the new series. It's a special one. It's "gma" -- give me a u. G-m-a-u.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Fashion icons demand a change in habits when it comes to casting models.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20199142","title":"Naomi Campbell and Iman Demand Diversity on Runway","url":"/GMA/video/naomi-campbell-iman-demand-diversity-runway-20199142"}