NASA Scientist Gets Out-of-This World Surprise Thank-You for Giving Back to Kids

Physicist Trent Griffin, who repairs bikes for kids in his Alabama neighborhood, was saluted by astronaut Scott Kelly for his good work and received 50 brand new bicycles to donate.
9:39 | 09/17/15

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Transcript for NASA Scientist Gets Out-of-This World Surprise Thank-You for Giving Back to Kids
Test Text1 itali You remember this, our incredible "Above and beyond" surprise last week. Well, it is time again for us to go "Above and beyond" to celebrate the unsung heroes all across this great country who go "Above and beyond" for their communities. Today our T.J. Holmes surprised nasa physicist Trent griffin in Huntsville, Alabama. Trent has no idea he'sing about going to be on live TV or where we've taken him but it's time to let him in on the secret. T.j., are you ready? I am ready. Good morning to you, guys. Yes, I have to apologize for my man. He has been blindfolded for the past two hours. Are you ready to figure out what in the world is going on. Yes. Trent, here we go, young fellow. You are at the U.S. Space and rocket center in Huntsville, Alabama. Look over here first. Look at all these people. Oh, wow! Yes, that is your family. Of course -- that's about 50 family members we have here. I understand there are more but that's all we can handle today. Now, that's just part of the surprise, all right, because they're here because they want to honor you so before we show you more, we want to you look at this monitor and watch this. Wow. Ready to head out when others head home. Everse, wouprare er ugfoeathly a Yer. Upgradintechnolo, managingegetatio improvg how weet informatn to you became we kno U're cou U we're rey for Wier, D we want make re you're rdy, too. to lea more and gn up fostorm uptes. And be Se to folw us on aceb and K ever N England ersource just the rim. And Trent decided to fix the bike. This one has a flat tire. The word got out more kids started coming. He would go to thrift stores and get those bikes and repair them. ? Not just about the bike, he makes them sign contracts that require them to maintain their good behavior, their good grades and to obey their parents. My name is tanaya and I'm 9 years old and Mr. Trent gave me a bike. I love my bike because I can do tricks and I like to color. Nearly all of these children that Trent mentors do not have father figures in the home. He is standing in as a surrogate father giving the children someone to look to that is consistent in their life when they may not have consistency ? I'm on top of the world hey ? ? I'm on top -- He's like our hero. He never had kids of his own, but he takes all the kids in the neighborhood and makes them feel special. He knows that if these children grow up knowing that somebody cares enough about them to give them their childhood, then maybe they'll grow up and give back to their community, as well. ? I'm on top of the world ? What do you think, my man? What do you think seeing that? I'm speechless, man. They're all here for you and what you've been doing for those kids. It didn't go unnoticed is what I'm saying. Wow. Well, the wow doesn't stop. What I need you to do now is turn around this way and the family is here but I need the family to make a little shift to the left. And to my right, these folks here, we got about a thousand folks here. Wow. To honor you. They have a unique way a unique way they're about to honor you right now. You see them here but the west way for us to give you the example is to take it from above. This is John Quigley. He is our aerial artist. You take it away. Okay. All right, everyone, activate mission "A" plus. Three, two, one. Twinkle. ? I'll say I I did it all ? Oh. ? I I did it all ? ? Every second that this world could give so many faces ? What an incredible, amazing image of human art installation. A thousand people based on a drawing of a bike that one of the kids made for you, Trent, and I hope you know we added the "A" plus because we're giving you an "A" plus for going above and beyond in your community. We love seeing the emotions from you, trennt was very compassionate and loving. He was a big brother in the neighborhood. We grew up in a family of seven kids. We did not have a lot of money but there was a lot of love. Trent has always lov space. He's always been fascinated by astronauts. Trent had a goal to work at nasa. It was like a dream come true for him. Trent is part of a team developing hardware that has to be highly reliae for long-term presence in space. Trent spends as time volunteering as he spends at work. Last summer there was a little boy in the neighborhood riding a bicycle with no tire on the front. Good morning, commander Kelly. Good morning. Good morning and, you know, I'd like to say congratulations to Trent there. I hope you're doing well, my friend. I am. I am. I'm truly having an amazing morning. Amazing. Hey, Trent. Yes. That's great, Trent, and you know a lot of people look up to astronauts, because we fly in space, but we really, really rely on the people on the ground, the people that work in the control centers, the engineers, the technician, people like yourself that help us do our job up here and, you know, make our life safer and easier. But you know what I really look up to are people that do things when they don't expect any recognition and I think that's what you do by donating your time and, you know, by getting these bikes for underprivileged kids and getting them on the right track and getting them to be in a position someday where they can be successful adults and you're the real role model here so what I'd like to do is announce today that, you know, we are putting together some donations for some new bikes for your program so you can continue to help kids reach for the stars. Oh, wow. That's amazing. Thank you. That is amazing. Thank you. Final words from commander Kelly. Commander Kelly, I'd like to thank you for your service and all you do in space. It makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and I do everything I can to make you safe. Wow. Thank you. I like that little salute from commander Kelly. Yeah. And, Trent, thank you. Thank you for everything you have done. Thanks for giving us so much joy. Thank you for your example? We really appreciate it. Trent, thank you. T.j., I bet you're feeling it down there. I am feeling it. I want to thank -- I've begged for this assignment when I knew it was coming up because I loved his story and I wanted to be here for it and this has been amazing but we're not done yet. What else can we pull out? This is what we want to show you. They're over there. I don't know if you can see it but we have 50 bikes and helmets donated by mongoose and Schwinn for you, for you to take and be a part and you can do whatever you want to do with those but we know what you're going to do with them no doubt so we want to thank them and, you guys, Trent has been giving us a hard time all morning. He didn't know what was planned. He said, hey, guy, I got a project due a little later. You're excused for today. It's going to be all right. Thank you, T.J. Thank you, Trent. Thank you, everyone, there in Huntsville, Alabama. What a way to start our day. Congrats. That was so great.

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{"duration":"9:39","description":"Physicist Trent Griffin, who repairs bikes for kids in his Alabama neighborhood, was saluted by astronaut Scott Kelly for his good work and received 50 brand new bicycles to donate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33827515","title":"NASA Scientist Gets Out-of-This World Surprise Thank-You for Giving Back to Kids ","url":"/GMA/video/nasa-scientist-world-surprise-giving-back-kids-33827515"}