NASA Works to Solve Spacesuit Issues After Successful Spacewalk

Mission control postpones second repair, needs time to solve suit issue.
3:00 | 12/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA Works to Solve Spacesuit Issues After Successful Spacewalk
To space now, and the wardrobe malfunction that's jeopardizing the mission to make crucial repairs to the international space station, yesterday's walk wempbt well but it's been postpone because of space suit problems. It turns out they're decades olds. Mike botecher. This was a problem, yet another issue with the 35-year-old space suits used by the astronauts that were designed during the era of the space shuttle. American astronauts raced through time and space. Removing ahead of schedule a broken cooling pipe that jeopardized operations aboard the international space station. But there was a glitch. Astronaut, the senior of the two space walkers, complained about freezing feet and at times had to readjust temperature controls within the suit. When mission control asked him to extend the space walk, he balked. It's up to you guys if you really want to go out there. Reporter: One of his problems was revealed by mission control a few hours after the walk ended, water in his space suit. We want to dry that suit out overnight. Reporter: They'll spend christmas eve trying to finish the work. After they canceled the latest space walk. It's different from an emergency encountered last july by an italian space walker. When a glob of water collected in his helmet. It's working the aging space suits. The suits are 35 years old. We review the hazards. Reporter: They will switch space suits for tuesday's mission. Thope to be dressed for success. Bianna. That will be indeed a christmas present. We'll turn now to the latest

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{"id":21302119,"title":"NASA Works to Solve Spacesuit Issues After Successful Spacewalk","duration":"3:00","description":"Mission control postpones second repair, needs time to solve suit issue.","url":"/GMA/video/nasa-works-solve-spacesuit-issues-successful-spacewalk-21302119","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}