NASCAR's Tony Stewart Involved in Deadly Crash

Driver escaped from his crashed vehicle and was accidently hit by Stewart during race in Canandaigua, New York.
5:07 | 08/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASCAR's Tony Stewart Involved in Deadly Crash
Fatal incident involving NASCAR car driver Tony Stewart. Spectators horrified as another driver, apparently angry after spinning out, storms on to the track, where Stewart hits and kills him. We do have team coverage on this developing story, including perspective from ESPN's lead NASCAR reporter Marty smith. But we begin with Linzie Janice on more. Reporter: Taking place at featured race ahead of the NASCAR race today. Kevin ward a younger driver is run off the track and crashes into the side wall and then exits his car on foot. You can see him there, pointing, that's when NASCAR's Tony Stewart hit and killed him. Overnight, officials confirming NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart is cooperating with an investigation into a deadly crash an upstate New York racetrack. Stewart was running in a race in canandaigua where Kevin ward Jr. Loses control, crashes into the wall. That's when eyewitnesses says, ward angrily exits his car, on foot, pointing. After a racer swerves to avoid ward, Tony Stewart's car strikes the young driver. Ward was rushed to a nearby emergency room. But this morning, sheriff Phil povero confirming that he had died from his injuries. Tony Stewart was visibly shaken by this incident and has promised his continuing cooperation in this investigation. Reporter: Stewart hasn't been charged and so far hasn'tw: Traumatized by what they saw. Lot more questions than answers. Linzie thank you. Some perspective from the crash by Marty smith. Good morning, Marty. We know that Stewart is expected to race in just a few hours at Watkins glen, the trauma involved, is this a good idea for him to race? I don't think it's my place to answer that question, quite frankly, I think that's up to NASCAR and local law enforcement who released him because he was so cooperative with them. So, if all of those entities feel like he's able to race, then that's fine. I will say, he'll have quite a mental challenge ahead of him. He's visibly shaken. Sheriff povero said, quote, he was extremely upset in giving his statement to police. It will affect him, I'm sure. Marty, you have been covering NASCAR for decades, kouldz NASCAR intervene before race time and tell Stewart, this isn't a good idea to race today? They can. But I don't think they will. NASCAR didn't sanction the race that he was in last night. They're two completely separate entities. Stewart does this on his own time. He goes back often to race at the grass roots level. He told me just a couple weeks back in Indianapolis, when I spoke with him about this, that some people like to go to the movies. Some people like to go to dinner. I like to race. He E's vested as well. In my estimation, NASCAR doesn't have much of a say here. Marty, NASCAR is so dangerous in general, how could something like this change the sport? Again, this isn't a NASCAR race, so I think the only thing that could possibly happen is the sanctioning body that sanctions those sprint cars races might hand down some sort of edict, that says, if you're frustrated, don't get out of your race car and go on the track surface. This happens all the time in all forms of racing. If anything would change, I would have to say that might be. Marty smith, thank you for your time. Dan? We'll turn now to another story breaking overnight a

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Driver escaped from his crashed vehicle and was accidently hit by Stewart during race in Canandaigua, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24919110","title":"NASCAR's Tony Stewart Involved in Deadly Crash","url":"/GMA/video/nascars-tony-stewart-involved-deadly-crash-24919110"}