National Enquirer Heir Accuses Son of Stalking

The wife and son of the founder of the National Enquirer are in a battle over their inheritance.
2:20 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for National Enquirer Heir Accuses Son of Stalking
Thanks, elizabeth. The family's feud over a huge fortune built on lurid headlines, the founder of "the national enquirer" left a multimillion dollar estate when he died and his wife and son are still locked in a bitter battle how to divide it. Matt gutman with the story. Reporter: Family feud tailor made for the pages of "the national enquirer." Accusations of theft, stalking and fraud. She will try to villainize me in the sense of she's the old mother and I'm the son going after her. Reporter: But this morning the family that sold theresa lashs stories once now finds itself at theter of one, a bizarre battle hitting lois pope, the heiress of "the national enquirer" fortune against her son paul. She sued me five t in 24 years. She's an actress and loves the limelight. Reporter: It's now become so heated, lois is seeking a restraining order against him, accusing paul of maliciously and repeatedly harassing his 79-year-old mother and circulsalacious and false stories. This morning in an exclusive interview with abc news paul pope says his mom started it all. We were getting along fine then she mentioned in early january getting this kidnap and ransom policy on my son. And I said, why would you do that. Reporter: He now believes her insistence on that insurance policy for her kids was a veiled threat. The unholy war between these two popes stems from the fortune of family made by selling "the national enquirer" after i founder general rose so pope, the family patriarch died in 1988 but in new court documents lois says her son burned through his $20 million share thanks to a, quote, ex-traf geptsdz and excessive lifestyle" and now he wants more. Paul denies those allegations saying instead his mom is hoarding the family fortune. There's probably overly billion dollars of assets that have not been disclosed. Reporter: Lois is refusing to comment but mother and son will meet again in court. Until then, someone might want to tip off "the national enquirer" about this one. For "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami.

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{"id":18931190,"title":"National Enquirer Heir Accuses Son of Stalking","duration":"2:20","description":"The wife and son of the founder of the National Enquirer are in a battle over their inheritance.","url":"/GMA/video/national-enquirer-heir-lois-pope-accuses-son-paul-18931190","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}