National Puppy Day: Cute Puppies Up for Adoption

Adorable puppies visit the "GMA LIVE!" studio for National Puppy Day.
3:08 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for National Puppy Day: Cute Puppies Up for Adoption
I cheered and grabbed the political -- over rule we got from them is low and Ramona. To some cute little hunting -- -- cloudy because this. This mining group here all animal -- visit I'm tomorrow is a pretty significant day and that's and we apartments and studio do you share that with -- side tomorrow is national -- And now my god yeah. -- about me lately maybe three days begin and with -- we picked them up. Every day I'm getting married in yeah I'm -- I -- -- -- -- -- I think I got my dad yeah I'm there. And -- Yeah. -- -- -- in my fair place on the planet the north and only yet I know I'm neither a little rusty -- on -- again an all domino college suddenly raining no longer full leather look concerns are you handling only it is gracious you know I have a problem that. Josh and -- hour minute to check my bags because they haven't -- corner you know live adopted three so far -- I don't I'm -- so far because I feel that once -- -- -- it's like kids -- not have another I don't think I have five so I -- -- great. Honestly -- you can find a little space in your heart and if you think about having a tough senior lightening. I don't feel like you can do it -- Recommend from my soul nice to buy I never would again and I -- the most incredible bonds are all rescues they know the feeling that they think you every single medal -- -- -- -- Greta you hit an all these dogs are up for adoption we have details on -- -- tells little bit about these attacks the specifics. He would these days are all -- eight to ten weeks old. We all were rescued stranded on shelters in this album to -- -- large southern hospitality and that's exactly 7000 southern gentleman. -- on mixed breeds we have blacks say is. The -- -- -- -- he reviewed all of our lives during his private I'm -- It is coming up and she's so beautiful and it is he Pickering thing is no matter what size you're looking for use some of the broad indeed larger dogs we have smaller Don museum where every looking for we couldn't find the perfect match Korea China and -- -- -- which I love because he doesn't just the most wonderful organization but in your town. I guarantee you there's -- great rescue organization. And tomorrow being national -- day we just like it was a great day look at fact you were -- get a close up. Thank you don't have to deal latest rescue I actually let the dog that I brought for the segment Doug travel I ended up. Taking home a nine yes. That went -- will welcome -- -- none of us. And he doesn't he on the island lighting and traffic wheat down -- -- and yeah. I don't want to -- in this vital Thompson you have any young -- I just got a really great dog he does but a year ago a little -- -- -- -- Yeah. I'm not they're -- right now I mean we do they live week -- -- you look at what we get pure greed and makes agrees yeah. Yeah I really -- -- my address announcement. On the hunt exiting stage yeah. I'm Jennifer love angle and yeah you all -- -- and -- -- -- you're losing your yeah. Thank you say in advance happy. National -- to everybody.

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{"id":18790101,"title":"National Puppy Day: Cute Puppies Up for Adoption","duration":"3:08","description":"Adorable puppies visit the \"GMA LIVE!\" studio for National Puppy Day.","url":"/GMA/video/national-puppy-day-cute-puppies-adoption-18790101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}