Navy Recruiter Vanishes in Florida

Kevin Williams was last seen by his wife in a Jacksonville mall parking lot.
1:57 | 06/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Navy Recruiter Vanishes in Florida
Now to that mysterious disappearance of a naval officer last seen in a florida parking lot by his wife 13 days ago. They had just had an argument and he hasn't been seen since the search has been intensified for him and reena ninan has the latest. His name is kevin williams. Reporter: The maeve is joining jacksonville authorities in the search for a chief petty officer who went missing without a trace. The family and friends of kevin williams desperately canvassing the neighborhood he was last seen hoping to find some clues as to where the 39-year-old father of two might be. I don't feel good. It's just -- this is a horrible situation. Reporter: Police say they do not suspect foul play in the disappearance of the naval officer with a 16-year career. Instead, calling it a missing persons case. At this time he's awol from the united states navy which is unusual since his rank is a chief. Reporter: Vanessa williams says she last saw her husband in the parking lot of this mall nearly two weeks ago and she can't imagine her husband of 13 years would ever walk away from his family without saying a word. For something like this to happen, we're just in awe. Reporter: She found no sign of her husband, only his cell phone. According to investigators his atm card was charged $15 later that night but no charges since and kevin williams was even spotted at these apartments the next day. The last time he was seen. As for the family of kevin williams, all they want is to have their husband and father back home safely. That's the hard part. You don't know what happened. I love him, miss him and i just wish he would come home and things just aren't the same without him. Reporter: For "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, washington.

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{"id":19363369,"title":"Navy Recruiter Vanishes in Florida","duration":"1:57","description":"Kevin Williams was last seen by his wife in a Jacksonville mall parking lot.","url":"/GMA/video/navy-recruiter-kevin-williams-vanishes-jacksonville-florida-mall-19363369","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}